Articles from the August 1997 Unification News

Parents' Day Victory for Inland Empire, CA

by Sarah I. Davati-Ontario, CA

On July 27, Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga William Alexander hosted the first annual Parents' Day Awards Ceremony in the Inland Empire section of Southern California. The generous contribution of Ontario, CA Mayor Gus Skropos and Mayor Pro-Tem Gary Ovitt covered the use fee for the community center.

Two local churches, the Water of Life Community Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, co-sponsored the event. The two pastors mobilized 50 volunteers who exhibited much love and service. It was truly a testimony to their faith: love your God with all your heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.

The program started with the national anthem and opening remarks by Mayor Alexander, who said: "Healthy families are the foundation of strong communities. Through National Parents' Day we can celebrate and reflect on the importance of parents and recognize the significant role they play in the lives of children, families and individuals."

The ceremony followed with presentation of a city proclamation to National Parents' Day Coalition representative In Hoi Lee. The nominees for exemplary parents received certificates from the mayor. We had nominees from different cities in the Inland Empire section of Southern California. Each family took a picture with the mayor as he presented them with their certificate.

There were four different categories of parents, organizations, and individuals with outstanding standards of service and devotion to their family and community being recognized.

Congressman Jay Kim's remarks were presented by his representative. He said: "At a time when we see more families where both parents are forced to work, we need to remind ourselves that it is not the government's role to raise our children. Nor is it a teacher's responsibility. Parents need to take the primary responsibility for raising their children-instilling morals and teaching those values which we want our nation to represent in the next century. Through active participation in all facets of their children's lives, parents can mold and shape their children into the type of citizens who can lead the United States into the 21st century."

After the Adult Choir sang, Judge Linda Wild spoke, followed by my remarks as event organizer: "The call to parenthood is a lifelong commitment and responsibility. We hope that through National Parents' Day we can empower and strengthen individuals and parents to meet the challenges to create effective school-church-family partnership for learning to serve the needs of America's diverse families."

More than 300 parents and children participated. The audience was very attentive and friendly and the children very well behaved. There were public officials from all across the Inland Empire. The program ended with the audience singing hand-in-hand together, "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

It was a memorable and wonderful event. The NPDC has been recognized by many public officials and dignitaries. It is my desire to establish a local chapter of NPDC and elect officers among those who participated. We want to carry on seminars and workshops on a monthly basis in order to restore the culture and renew the community.

This event was the first step. It was a great victory for True Parents, founders of National Parents' Day.

Congratulations to all the sacrificial volunteers of the NPDC.

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