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In Memoriam Ellen Beth Vogel Goldstein

Ellen Beth Vogel Goldstein, dedicated wife, loving mother, devoted daughter, sister, friend, healer, counselor, therapist, advisor, writer and true revolutionary passed away on July 5th, 1997 in her home in Thornwood, New York after a three year fight with cancer.

The Sung Hwa ceremony for Ellen was held in Dobbs Ferry, NY on July, 7, 1997. The Won Jun ceremony and burial were held on the same day at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Although her life was not without ups and downs, Ellen's eyes were always directed heavenward. Events around her passing and ascension witnessed to the victorious nature of Ellen's devotion to the ideals of true love, true life and true lineage taught by the True Parents. As the procession left Edward's Funeral Home for Sleepy Hollow cemetery a powerful thunderstorm forced all the cars in the area to turn on their headlights. Later, as the procession entered the burial site the sky cleared and a beautiful, refreshing scene unfolded for the Won Jun ceremony. The storm seemed to be sign from God to honor the victory of Ellen's life and death in a tremendous heartfelt celebration.

Some who attended the ceremonies felt that there was a lot of restoration accomplished through all the feelings that were expressed and the relationships that were transformed. Some of Ellen's relatives subsequently received the Blessing after having a change of heart through experiencing the Sung Hwa and Won Jun ceremonies with the whole community.

Amidst overwhelming destructive forces Ellen's battle for her life produced great fruit for the Providence. At the end of her life, Ellen's friends, family, neighbors, and church community were pulled together to support Ellen and to create a closer loving community. This was Ellen's desire and she leaves with us her vision for healing and the courage she had to face death living for her hopes and dreams.

Ellen was born on March 30, 1955 in Yonkers, NY in a devout Jewish Family. She became a practical idealist in her early teens. Through studying Christianity, Communism, spiritual and metaphysical science and many other philosophies she developed a vision for world peace that included the understanding that each person must work on their inner life and relationships as well as make substantial external changes in the world.

While a college student at New Paltz in 1974 she was introduced to the Unification Principle and felt that this, at last, was the long sought after ideology the world needed to usher in a new era of world peace. She became the first American member of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, CARP. She later worked in the Il Hwa Ginseng Tea Co., Newsworld Communications and Sunlight Graphics.

Ellen and Brian were Blessed in marriage on July 1, 1982 in Madison Square Garden.

Ellen's personal battle with cancer culminated a period of intensive research into spirituality and physical health. Ellen had become a certified hypnotherapist and was developing a concept for a clinic where patients would have access to alternative and traditional medicine when she was diagnosed with cancer. Through her experience with her own suffering with cancer she learned about a variety of healing approaches and understood, from the patients viewpoint, much of what would be needed to create a more effective clinical practice. Ellen wrote about her experience in a journal which may one day be published in some form.

Ellen developed her spiritual abilities and communicated with the spiritual world frequently. She used these abilities in service to others. Her close spiritual communication with God, True Parents, Jesus, Heung Jin Nim and others helped her prepare for her ascension.

She is survived by her husband Brian, an artist and an assistant manager of PG Arbor and their eight year old son Gilchrist Jagob.

by William Hilbert

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