Articles from the August 1997 Unification News

New Holy Day: True Children Engaged

At a ceremony in Seoul on August 9-July 7 in the lunar calendar-Father declared a new Holy Day and announced the engagement of two of his sons.

The new Holy Day is called "Declaration of the Cosmic Resting Realm (Place) for the True Parents in Heaven and Earth."

True Parents announced the engagement of two sons:

Young Jin Nim is engaged to Hwa Jung Yoo (1800-couple daughter of Jong-So Yoo and Sang-Nan Lee).

Hyun Jin Nim is engaged to Yun Ah Lee (777-couple daughter of Seung Dae Lee and Eun Jung Joo).

In his speech, Father acknowledged of those nations which had accomplished the most result in preparation for the 3.6 million Blessing in November: 1st Korea--over one million, 2nd Philippines 950,000, 3rd Nigeria 750,000, 4th Ghana 660,000. He also spoke about the Blessing of 36 million couples to be held in 1998 as the foundation for God to go freely to all levels--back and forth, vertically, horizontally, beyond race, nation.

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