Articles from the August 1997 Unification News

Blessings Multiply in the Ukraine

by Kyoung Hyo Kim-Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine is growing up more and more as the main providential nation expected by True Parent. I am living now so amazing time by the sudden miraculous blessing result from Ukraine. So I want to share this news with our all members with the gratitude mind to God, True Parent and the spirit world. I want to witness how God and the spirit world work and how great the TP's victorious foundation influences.

The miraculous blessing event began from Dniepropetrovsk region on July 12. I feel very well why God chose this region first. So many leaders including President Kuchima, formal and present prime minister came from this region. Before in communism time this region created a very special political cartel. Almost 50 % of Soviet leaders who were working in Moscow including Hurushichof and Breznef came from here so that people called even this region as the factory of politicians.

Could you believe that one young sister becoming 22 years old has blessed around 120,000 couples for 27 days? It is neither by door to door blessing nor by park blessing. People were gathered in the certain places of many cities and she traveled. Many times the big hall was full by thousands of people. She has been traveling several cities everyday from morning till night. Even one day she visited 10 cities and blessed 17,000 couples.

Do you know what kind of person was gathered? Most of them was the families and relatives of the leaders, the military officers, the police and the social securities(KGB). Without any exception, everybody from high officers to the old couples is becoming the blessed family through around 1 hour's impressive ceremony. Who were they before? They were the first group who had been supporting the communism system for 70 years, aren't they! Really I can not stop my hot tear. This is a great miracle from Heaven and victory of True Parent!

Such miraculous blessing event is now taking place everyday in many regions, already covered 9 regions. It is really incredible speed. It looks like dream. We are planning to have the same blessing event in Kiev region soon and to have 15,000 couples of the mammoth blessing festival in the official stadium on Dniepropetrofsk city on September.

I am calling her Olga. She is driving herself to the blessing tour everyday overcoming painful sickness. Many people recommended her to receive the treatment from the hospital even as free of charge, but she refused it and is going out everyday. She is really sacrificing everything for the sake of being proud of God and True Parent and loving them. I can say she is a real daughter of True Parent and a great woman of Ukraine.

It was really by chance that she met one man, Basili Pabolichi. Last February she visited the city hall for the registration work of FFWPU. She met him there first time. She did not know who he was at that time. One person brought her a bad article of newspaper about our movement. By chance Mr. Basili came in and saw it. He said to her, " are you working with this Mafia who is using the name of religion?" Olga was so upset and immediately challenged him-she is a very strong woman. He was moved by her courageous and confident attitude, and he got some interesting information on our movement from here.

He invited her at his home. He was a vice mayor. She brought the many materials about True Parent and our movement. Finally he could open righteously his eyes toward us by her confident explanation. Some period of time passed and suddenly he was picked up by the prime minister to Kiev while we were being so busy for the blessing campaign. Very naturally he could report his boss the righteous information on True Parent so that the prime minister became interesting to us.

The city leader, Rev. Ramsaran asked him many time to receive the blessing, even though he excused every time. However he was watching us with deep interesting how we are doing. One day his father got the heart attack. His mother got a dream that Rev. Ramsaran and Olga came to her husband to cure with the white gown. This time Mr. Basili got a dream that he was dropped into the long hole and falling down. He saw Rev. Ramsaran holding a glass in one hand. He held Basili's falling hand with the other hand. Mr. Basili said to him desperately, "please pull me up". Rev. Ramsaran asked him bringing a glass into his mouth, "drink it, and I will pull you up!" He became very serious and eventually received the blessing together with his parents. After this event Rev. Ramsaran pushed him continuously to gather some people using his position for the blessing.

God was driving us and Mr. Basili into the typhoon of great blessing, even though we were completely ignorant. Now I understand clearly how God was preparing for this time. On July 7, when we were so busy for the door to door blessing activity, Rev. Ramsaran and Olga were invited suddenly by him. He proposed them to give the blessing for 30 couples who he gathered. Olga thought " wow, today we will make the best daily record." They prepared the holy wine and water and the indemnity sticks for 30 couples. But how amazing it was when they enter to the hall! There were around one thousand people. Olga thought, "maybe 30 couples among them will receive the blessing." However she lost almost her consciousness when she heard from Mr. Basili that everybody would receive the blessing. They had to buy more juice and water quickly. They borrowed all 'stakan' (cups) from the restaurant. Each couple brought already the stick from the home. It was really the big happening. We chose the 12 young couples as the assistant and gave the blessing in the corridor first. We explained them how to assist the holy wine and water ceremony and the indemnity stick ceremony. They were very sincere.

Basili Pabolichi gave a very good speech about FFWPU and the founder even though we did not ask him. We blessed them dividing several groups and officiated the family vow ceremony gathering altogether in the main hall. It was really tearfully exciting. Such big voice and many tears... Many couples brought the flowers and presented the gift each other. This first event was big successful.

There were many questions after the first event. At the same time there was no enough time to think about that because everyday he called Olga by phone and said, " please come to this place by this time." Wherever she goes with him, hundreds of people and even thousands of people were waiting them for the blessing. Sometimes they used the plane to move quickly. Everything was organized very well by his dignity and connections. Nothing serious problems happened until this time.

Once we introduced him our good tradition of "mansei". He said to Olga, "why didn't we use this good way in our ceremony?" From the next event he explained the meaning of mansei very beautifully and Olga closed the ceremony with the 3 mansei; God and True Parent mansei, 3.6 million blessing mansei and city mansei.

How could we mobilize such crowd of people and big expenses if we do by ourselves! What is amazing and grateful to God. We are preparing just holy wine and holy water. That's all. They mobilize people, prepare the hall, make everyday thousands color copy of the certificate and copy of application form and find out many sponsors. Of course it is a big delightful stress for us to prepare just the budget for holy wine and holy water.

One day Rev. Ramsaran became very serious because he did not have enough budget even for the next day's blessing. Suddenly he got an idea. A few days ago Rev. Chung, a national messiah of Ukraine and I visited Dniepropetrofsk center. That time Rev. Chung advised him very strictly that we have to give all blessed couples the True Parent's photo even selling it and distribute them the divine principle. Frankly speaking I was very shocked and almost could not translate his word. I understood by myself that it will happen in the future. What is the great point of Rev. Ramsaran. He decided to make the True Parent's photo calendar and True Parent's picture in order to sell it to the blessed couples. If I were at that situation I almost would not get such great courage in the special situation of Ukraine. Somehow this idea was accepted to Mr. Basili and even he helped to produce it. He explained very well our product in front of the audiences. It was really very strong dignity. He said, " 'daragii durujiya'(dear my friends), please buy it. they are doing such a good work for us." Olga could sell many calendars and photos little bit expensively. Furthermore several days ago he suggested us to sell the divine principle book to all the blessed couples. He asked Rev. Ramsarann to make a short presentation to introduce the book as the worldwide best seller.

He knows very well our center is not so rich that he is helping continuously to bring many financial support. Once he asked one business man to donate one van to FFWPU. This man donated one Ford new van. Another business man donated us the full set of computer, TV and Video machine.

He is very confident now for this blessing work. He read already the divine principle 3 times, and caught out from it who Father is. He starts to pray before the ceremony and keeps True Parent's photo in his pocket during the ceremony. Once someone asked him who is it and why he keeps it . He said, " This is your parents and True Parents!" One day he became little bit tired, but when he blessed 17,000 in one day with Olga he was so inspired and said to Olga, "Let us continue until we fall down." In the end of July I specially asked him to dedicate his best effort in order to fulfill the Ukraine goal and the CIS goal by August 9. Then he said, " O.K. I will not take the rest until I fulfill my goal." Rev. Chung said him by the phone that King Vladimir baptized all his people by force and made Ukraine the first Christian nation in CIS in 988. He responded, " I am doing exactly like him now."

He has now a great desire to have the blessing event publicly on the nationwide level. He invited some high delegates from Kiev to the blessing. They were impressed very much and invited our delegates to Kiev to discuss the blessing event in Kiev region. Olga met 3 delegates in Kiev with Mrs. Basili. They were the very influential people and new very well Father and our movement. They asked many things about the blessing and Mrs. Basili gave them the very good testimony. They promised to help us. When I got this report I felt really the great things will happen after the 9th of August.

Until now such a blessing events were organized amazingly very unofficially using their connections and powerful dignities. It was because we protect their political position. We could avoid many problems. Just we are giving everyday thousands of blessing to the influential peoples in the society. If we give such a blessing until November in every cities, what will happen after that in this country? I almost can not imagine what God is planning.

When I reflect the True Parents' tearful sacrifices in order to liberate God and save the mankind, I feel such result is too small that we can not console True Parent. It is just start and hundreds, even thousands times more miraculous result will compete to witness our True Parent. This day will come soon.

Ukraine will do be proud of True Parent and love True Parent continuously. I did not know really that such one prepared person brings so amazing result. God is really so great. May God bless him to continue this righteous march regardless of any pressure and difficulties!

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