Articles from the August 1997 Unification News

Blessings in Gorky Park!

by William Stoertz-Moscow, Russia

Tim and Angelica Birdsong, a well-known American-Russian couple, conducted the pre-Blessing ceremony in a creative new way in Gorky Park, Moscow.

On a nice sunny Sunday in Gorky Park, they went around with a tray of small wine glasses, Holy Wine, and Holy Water. Tim and Angelica went around together approaching couples in the park, even while they were sitting at a table eating, offering them the Holy Wine ceremony to rededicate their marriage, and sprinkling them with the Holy Water. The average time for each couple was about ten minutes. After only a few hours, they had blessed 25 couples.

They kept a couple glasses of wine on the tray, together with a bowl containing the Holy Water, since they want to be ready when several couples came one right after the other. Tim would turn around, and there was already another couple waiting.

The park was a very beautiful, free environment, and they kept a relaxed spirit, taking breaks once in a while to enjoy the day. The people^s response was good, just the same as at dachas (summer garden country homes) or door-to-door. There was no problem with any kind of opposition.

Each couple signed the Certificate with recommitment of Marriage Vows, and they did not hesitate to provide their name, address and telephone number on the form provided.

It is suggested this approach, requiring a very minimum of equipment, preparation, or permission, could be used in many different situations, even on the open street. Indeed, the Birdsongs blessed a couple on the Moscow River bridge on the way home from giving the Blessing in Gorky Park!

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