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Fulfilling Tribal Messiahship at Car Dealerships

by Mrs. Burgi Hutcherson-Winston-Salem, NC

My husband and I are pioneer Tribal Messiahs in my husband's hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We have been here five years and have six children. My husband, Bruce, has a repair business and helps me prepare flower bouquets which I sell around car dealerships every weekend.

On June 1, my husband left for a 40-day workshop at Chungpyung. I was so happy that he could attend, although I knew it would be difficult to run the business and take care of the children out of school. I really wanted to fulfill Father's will to Bless couples, but felt stuck without my husband and his help. However, I did not want to have one thought of complaint. After all, I was the one who encouraged him to go to Chungpyung in the first place. Also, I had experienced Heavenly Father and True Parents' love at Chungpyung myself and knew, somehow, the spirit world had prepared everything and it was only up to me.

After several weeks I was able to Bless only a few couples and felt really desperate. I wondered how I could move forward quickly and break through the spiritual barriers. Then I remembered that my regional director, Rev. Kang, had encouraged me to talk to Mrs. Sun Willett, who had already fulfilled 160 couples. I called Mrs. Willett and spoke with her late into the night. She poured out her heart and I felt a deep gap between her level of heart and my own. Afterward, I begged God in tears to help me bridge that gap and feel His deep sorrow in every single bone of my body.

The following week I attended a meeting with Rev. Kevin McCarthy, who encouraged us to make a plan to fulfill the goal. I made up my mind to Bless my flower customers around the car dealerships. The first week I gave all of them a letter about the Blessing; the next week I gave out application forms. Then I got the idea to give a dozen roses to each Blessing participant. I ordered extra roses, and on the weekend of July 4 I announced at each dealership that I was giving roses to those qualified. That really got their attention! Then I explained that I was doing volunteer work for FFWPU and discussed the qualification that they need to be married and fill out the application form. I wore a little pouch around my waist holding the Holy Juice, Holy Water, and cups, and carried a clipboard with Blessing forms. I also had a bag of literature and a bucket of roses. I prepared the Holy Juice in front of them, saying: "This is some sanctified juice; just put a drop on your wife's signature (most of my customers are men) and drink the rest. It marks a new beginning with God in your marriage." I took the Holy Water and sprinkled it on each one's wedding ring, saying: "This is for pure love in your marriage." Then I grabbed his hands, looking him in the eyes, saying: "I pray your marriage can be Blessed for ever in the name of Christ." Finally, I gave each one a certificate and a copy of the speech, "The Path of the True Family." Each ceremony took only a few minutes. Giving people the letter and application form beforehand helped me build up courage; however, I also Blessed many who did not receive the letter and form. Some participants told their friends and co-workers. I first day I Blessed 10 couples, the next day 50 couples, and by the end of the weekend I had Blessed over 150 couples-all while my husband was away in Korea!

Brothers and sisters, this is truly a special time. If I can do it, you can do it. Just make a plan and follow it-the spiritual world is ready to help us. I felt restless, with a strong drive to keep on pushing forward. I had no time to sit down to eat and hardly any time to sleep-all I could think of was the goal I wanted to fulfill to comfort Heavenly Father and also to surprise my husband on his return from Korea. I hope this is the first step of many more victories to follow.

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