Rev. & Mrs. Sharpton Officiate at NYC Blessing

by Edner & Juanita Pierre-Louis

On May 15, 1997 at the historic Manhattan Center, an especially historic event took place, presided over by a man and woman who are history-makers. We're speaking of none other than Rev. and Mrs. Al and Kathy Jordan Sharpton.

In the rain, by bus, by train they came to hear words of inspiration and receive vows of rededication of marriage from Rev. and Mrs. Sharpton.

Nothing could dampen the spirit of the enthusiastic crowd coming to hear. As the night quickly moved along, there was stimulating music performed by the Henry T. Wilkerson Gospel Combo, a rousing rendition of "Bye and Bye" by Lady Grace of Phoenix, Arizona. The group's leader, Evangelist Elayysandria London, had the crowd on its feet, ready for Rev. Sharpton.

Whatever the difficulties Rev. Sharpton has encountered in his efforts to understand and lead people, it should be clear to all reflective thinkers that his techniques of dealing with them is a vindication of love.

And it was an act of love which ushered in the officiation of Rev. and Mrs. Sharpton and Rev. and Mrs. Pak for 21 waiting couples from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

In His mercy, God sent Jesus to save us and empower us through the Holy Spirit. Today the Lord is opening the gate of the original Blessing of Marriage. This is the day God and Jesus long desired to see (Rev. 22:14). The officiators were adorned in white Holy Robes. Rev. and Mrs. Sharpton offered the Holy Wine. The Holy Wine Ceremony contains deep spiritual significance. Jesus turned water into wine at the marriage at Cana. Through the Holy Wine Ceremony, God changes our sinful blood lineage into a sanctified blood lineage in preparation to bestow His Holy Blessing.

Rev. and Mrs. Pak sprinkled the Holy Water. The sprinkle of Holy Water represents the sanctifying love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit upon the couple.

John the Revelator told us, "The Spirit and the Bride say 'Come!' Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life" (Rev. 22:17).

And they came to receive the Blessing of God, and His Holy Communion.

The Bridge of True Love

Another highlight of the evening was the crossing of the bridge by husbands and wives. They met in the center of the bridge and embraced. It was like watching two worlds come together in a peaceful manner.

This bridge has also been called the bridge of peace, and has been crossed by nations and races. Maybe someday future former Mayor Giuliani and future Mayor Sharpton will cross this bridge at City Hall, and chant together, "No Justice! No Peace!"