Unification News for June 1997

Religious Youth Service (RYS) Announces Summer Schedule

The RYS is welcoming you to take part in its summer of international adventure and service. Upcoming projects include the following:

Ufa, Bashkortostan Republic (part of the C.I.S.) on July 21-August 11 will host a project that includes the restoring a rehabilitation center for handicapped children. A great increase in the number of handicapped children has occurred in this region that was once an industrial center in the former Soviet Union.

The IRFF and CARP already began work on this center in February and now the RYS is gathering fifty young adults from all over the globe to take part.

The RYS will work with the WFWP Bangladesh and WFWP Japan in a project in rural area outside Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 19-29. This project will include the construction of a facility that will be used for adult education and women's economic development. This project is open to US and other international participants. Please apply through the New York office.

The RYS of Great Britain is finalizing plans for an ecological project in Birmingham, Great Britain on September 2-13. This project follows the success of last years international project in the same city. Participants will be mostly from Europe but others are welcomed.

For more information please contact:

4 West 43rd St., New York, NY 10036
PH 212 869 6023 ext. 429 or FAX 212 869 6424

Information on the CIS can be received from either RYS, New York or

IRFF c/o Mr. Tom Philipps
113093, Moscow, ul. Bolshaya Serpuhovskaya, 48-30;
Phone (++) 95 238 61 28.

We hope that this summer's programs will provide for you an opportunity of a lifetime.

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