Unification News for June 1997

Persevering in California - Islamic Blessing

Rev. Kevin Thompson blessed 38 couples in an Islamic group in the Central Valley of California back in 1995. A few days ago, the group's leader invited him to their Sunday gathering of some 200 couples. Kevin was given the podium and he gave a 45 minute talk on True Family Values and invited them all to receive the Blessing.

Soon the entire group was engaged in a big debate about the issue, to which Kevin was a mere spectator because they were not speaking in English. Apparently the debate centered on the propriety of signing the application form. They asked Kevin to stay overnight and meet them the next morning (Monday, May 19).

The next morning, the group's leader (who had been Blessed in '95), told them that each couple could decide what they wanted to do: receive the Blessing or not. Kevin was praying desperately all night for them, and his prayers were answered as, when the dust settled, 71 couples remained in the room for the Blessing. The Islamic leader couple officiated, and Rev. Thompson was the emcee.

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