Unification News for June 1997

Homeland of Your Heart

Quickly come to the gate,
Don't become a prey.
Quickly come to the gate,
The gate of Chung Pyung Lake.

Circle of light, circle of sound,
Sacred trees where angels abound.
Heavenly heart forever dwelling,
Shimjung showers sin dispelling.

Pounding drums loosen spirits,
Many voices keep the beat.
Clapping hands create the forces,
An soo power brings release.

Grace is here but you must strive,
Break the granite, come alive.
Dividing point of life and death,
Repent, forgive with gratefulness.

Heavy burdens lifted from you,
Gone is sorrow, pain no more.
Cycle of tears is so cleansing,
Peaceful calm bathes your soul.

Daemonim, Hak Ja Han,
Faces bright, hearts are one.
Loving smiles, loving eyes,
Comforting spirit, precious light.

Once your heart has found its home,
Wash your robe, enter the gate.
Thank your Father,
Thank the Spirit,
For the grace of Chung Pyung Lake.

by Paula Fujiwara
attended 10-day Chung Pyung Workshop April 18-27, 1997
(This poem can be recited to a steady drum beat)

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