Unification News for June 1997

Summer at Camp Sunrise, NY

by Bruce Grodner

My staff and I have recently returned from the 40 day training program at Chung Pyung Lake. We had many good experiences and learned a great deal about life of faith.

We saw so many brothers and sisters coming from around the world to experience liberation. We could begin to understand the dedication and commitment required from the staff for this type of spiritual rebirth. From the beginning of Camp Sunrise, Rev. Pak said, "This property reminds me of Chung Pyung Lake." He has always encouraged us to strive for a higher standard. Personally, after having been there, I could now understand his desire for the camp.

In the previous years with your dedicated prayer and support Camp Sunrise has hosted many events. In 1994 a number of churches and community-based organizations came to the camp. Included were 250 members and families from the Egyptian Coptic Church. In 1995 the Second Generation held its 70 day training program. In 1996 we held the Day of All True Things, where over 1200 members shared in a most special day together with their families. As the camp director, I want to thank each of you personally for helping make these and so many other memorable events happen.

This being our ninth year and the final level of the perfection stage, we are eagerly making plans to fulfill more of Rev. Pak's vision for the camp. Some of these plans for this summer include: educating ministers in True Family Values, teaching Divine Principle, pre-Blessing ceremonies, and Second Generation workshops. This year's summer camp for ages 9-11 will begin registration July 19-25. Ages 12-16 will run from July 26-Aug. 10, 1997.

It has been a continuous hope of mine that Camp Sunrise could be a bridge for many people to come to respect our Community and its goals, and to be able to come closer to Father.

Through the many opportunities to work with non-Unificationists, we have had the experience that through love and service we could break down many barriers.

I know you are very busy working in your providential missions. I am sure it is not easy. We don't want to be a burden, but the Camp needs your help. To better care for people, we need to create an environment which is welcoming and esthetically pleasing.

There are many areas which need attention. We are hoping you choose to support a project. If you select a project to be fully or partially responsible for, it will be very helpful. Working together with you in a different environment can be a very enjoyable experience.

We are very grateful that one of our companies just took upon itself to restore True Parents' cabin completely. They will be replacing a bedroom floor, remodeling the bathroom, replacing bathroom fixtures and painting the entire cabin.

We are now trying to get the camp in shape a.s.a.p. for the many programs planned this summer. I have enclosed a list of some of the projects we would like to do. If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, or can contribute your special skills or ideas, we will be very happy to hear from you.

If you are interested in having a conference or meeting, please consider our facility. We have a great chef and reasonable rates! There are deluxe accommodations for your overnight stay (private cabin w/bathroom, linens, and wonderful views). There is a roomy Conference Cabin, complete with fireplace for those cool spring and autumn evenings. Brand-new boats have been acquired recently for your fishing expeditions! And best of all, no telephone calls or interruptions, so you and your group can concentrate and get the most out of your meeting time!

Here are some of the projects:

1. The herb garden needs to be deepened and expanded. Needed: wood, soil and herb plants. $120

2. Cabins need new screens and frames. $120 for screens, $80 for wood (per cabin)

3. Cabin #3 (VIP Cabin) needs painting and a new vanity for the bathroom. $120

4. Volleyball court needs rope outerbounds-line. Sand needs to be replaced (from erosion). $300

5. Backboards and hoops for basketball court. $160. In progress-thank you, "Christ Yes Inc."

6. Resurface basketball court. $1500

7. Resurface tennis court. $800

8. Cabin #5 (VIP Cabin) needs inner wall. $200

9. Cabin #9 (VIP Cabin) needs new shower, and a new linoleum floor in bathroom. $275

10. Cabin #5 needs floors sanded and polyurethane. $125

11. Infirmary needs to be painted. $100

12. VIP Conference Cabin #22 needs trench deepened

13. VIP Conference Cabin #22 needs new linoleum tile floor $400

14. Welcome Lodge Cabin #4 offices need painting. Floor in one office needs to be sanded and polyurethane. $120

15. Welcome Lodge Cabin #4 fireplace stones need to be cleaned. Chimney needs to be cleaned. $20

16. Welcome Lodge Cabin #4 garden needs to be framed in wood, deepened, and shrubs planted. Needed: wood, soil and shrubs. $200

17. Chung Pyung Hall gardens along walkway need to be framed in wood, deepened, and flowers & shrubs planted. Needed: wood, soil, flowers & shrubs. $200

Thank you for your help!

Please make check payable to HSA-UWC/Camp Sunrise and indicate whether you will be able to help on the projects.

Questions concerning summer camp programs, please call Dr. Kathy Winings at (212)222-5189 (home) and Robert Kittel at (212)382-2402, ext. 211 (office). Until then, have a great summer and see you at Camp Sunrise!

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