Unification News for June 1997

Pure Love '97 National Tour

From July 1 through August 15, hundreds of young volunteers will be joining in Pure Love '97, a national tour throughout the United States to promote sexual and moral purity, abstinence before marriage and fidelity within it.

Why are we doing this? Because we have had enough! Young people everywhere are suffering from an endless diet of cheap and irresponsible sex, fed to us by a greedy, cynical media and entertainment industry. Too many of our schools have given up on teaching morals. They're handing out condoms instead. We are led to believe that casual sex is normal, adultery commonplace and virginity rare, even undesirable.

But this is a lie! In fact, over 80% of Americans have never cheated on their spouses. More than half of high school students are still virgins. Those who aren't overwhelmingly wish they still were. People of all ages feel the same. It's time to blow the whistle on the so-called sexual revolution.

The list of victims is already much too long. AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy are just the beginning. How about long term damage to marriages, families and relationships; divorce, betrayal, child abuse, broken homes and domestic violence? Slowly dying hope and trust among the young in the ideal of committed love? Good role models are scarce. Churches, schools and parents often feel powerless to help.

But change is coming! Let us take an analogy: after decades of denial and confusion, society is now taking a stand against the tobacco industry. Cigarette advertising aimed at the young is finally on the way out. Over thirty states are seeking billions of dollars in compensation for health-care costs associated with smoking. Slowly and reluctantly, our nation is learning to kick this costly social habit. But it took so long. So many deaths. So much heartache. So many lies.

Must we repeat the same mistakes with sex?

The Pure Love Alliance is fighting back. Pure Love '97 is an exciting national event encouraging young people everywhere to take a stand for purity. A traveling team of PLA volunteers will join with local church, youth and abstinence groups for a series of one or two day festivals. There will be rallies, marches, seminars, and public speeches, leading up to the "Pure Love Explosion," a fun educational event featuring live music, dance, and theater, together with a cutting-edge multimedia presentation. Everyone will be invited to take the Pure Love Pledge, publicly committing to a collective new start.

The Pure Love Alliance is a new organization, founded less than two years ago. Perhaps you've seen us in action, infiltrating the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles to protest the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt, or at other impromptu demonstrations nationwide. In March we joined Enough is Enough picketing outside the Supreme Court against porn on the internet, prompting EIE President Dee Jepsen to say "being so persistent in the midst of rain and snow was wonderful... we want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing for the sake of this country's future." You can read more about our activities in our The Alliance newspaper, or at our new Web Site. (http://www.purelove.org)

Membership of the PLA is open to anyone willing to sign the Pure Love Pledge. Although we are non-sectarian and non-political, we strongly believe in the existence of the living God, a loving parent whose moral commandments and personal concern have a place in every human heart. That's why we are introducing and promoting an exciting new lifestyle, called "Absolute Sex." What is it? A back-to-basics approach based on the radical idea that our sexual organs belong not to us, but to our eternal spouse.

We need your help to make this tour a success. We'd like to invite you and your organization to be a cosponsor. Perhaps you can encourage youthful volunteers to join us on the tour, or help organize the events when we come to town, or even by simply showing up with your friends, family and colleagues. And, of course, we'd welcome your generous donations!

Pure Love Alliance
305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166, New York, NY 10165
Tel (212) 382-1634 pureall@aol.com
Fax (212) 382-2005 www.purelove.org

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