Unification News for June 1997

Testimony - Taking the Blessing into the Home

by Sun Willett-Louisville, KY

America's ancestors were Puritans who deeply loved God, and their dream was to build God's nation. Today's Americans are their descendants. America has much hope because every married couple is expecting us to visit them and pre-Bless them. I am happy because new Blessed couples are coming every day in my hometown and throughout Kentucky.

When we Tribal Messiah couples visit the couples and families, we should be filled with a crazy drive to save their marriages and families. I am sure this is the heart of God. Do not be afraid you will meet persecution. We in Kentucky have the attitude that we can never stop extending the Blessing. Some married couples may be too busy, but do not be discouraged, because they may be ready the second or third time. When these couples can perceive the measure of our sincerity, they can easily receive the Blessing.

When I learned that once we bring 160 couples to the Blessing, we can enter True Parents' tribe, I was moved very deeply. This is the greatest glory! Every day I am filled with desperation to save the marriages and families, and I have no time to worry about what to eat or what clothes to wear. Through my experience and by my result, I feel great hope for America. We can rebuild God's nation if we are active. I believe that, especially since True Parents made extending the Blessing so easy for us (the door to door method), if we do not even try, it is a sin. True Parents have always warned us we are in a war to save the marriages and families. Therefore, how can we eat and sleep in a comfortable way?

Since my husband and I have been pre-Blessing couples, we have had some spiritual experiences. I feel everyone I meet is a future Blessed couple just waiting to be Blessed. Often when I knock on a door, it is exactly at the same time the wife is arriving home from shopping.

I would like to share what I say to people when I knock on doors. First, I explain that I am a volunteer for the FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) and that Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are the founders. Then, I explain that I have a goal to find 160 couples who would do a five-minute marriage rededication to promote family values. I offer a brief explanation of the Holy Wine and Holy Water Ceremonies, and then I lead them through the ceremonies. We then embrace their hands, and my husband Joe prays. Then we lead them through the vows, and we make certain the couple completely fills out the headquarters application. I explain that they are not expected to join anything; it is a rededication of their marriage. After all of the ceremonies, I briefly discuss with the couple the American divorce problem and the issue of family breakdown. I explain the dire seriousness of these problems. I tell the couple that through divorced parents, the children experience a high rate of confusion, depression and loneliness, and their chance of getting involved in crime is higher; statistics reveal their odds of suicide are higher. The children suffer-that is the result of divorce!

I ask all the couples to invite all their married friends to receive the Blessing to protect their marriage, and for the purpose of building a better world.

According to Divine Principle, God is going to liberate hell. Our participation in God's effort to liberate hell is all we need to obtain citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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