Unification News for February 1997

Absolute Sex - Exploring Its Meaning

This is based on the sermon given by Rev. Joong Hyun Pak at Belvedere on February 1, 1997

Last year, True Father gave his now-famous sermon, "In Search of the Origin of the Universe." This speech has been advertised in newspapers in every state across North America. Also, in 1996 this speech was given at Inauguration ceremonies for the Family Federation for World Peace in 185 nations throughout the world. True Father, True Mother and Leaders, announced this message to the world.

Many good responses came. For instance, I am National Messiah of Switzerland. On November 8, 1996, in Geneva, Switzerland at the Inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace, I read this message.

One particular ambassador, whose son and daughter attended this speech, was taken a written copy. When the ambassador read this powerful speech, he called our church center in Geneva and testified that it had effected a change in his life. He was very impressed. This is how meaningful this message is.

But in contrast, recently we have been printing this speech in many newspapers, but journalists and media people do not grasp the content of the speech. The key point of the speech "In Search of the Origin of the Universe" is "absolute sex." This morning, we want to explore the meaning of "absolute sex." Father said this is his ultimate, perfect truth-- absolute sex.

We know we will be asked of the media, the ministers and others "what is the meaning of absolute sex?" Why? Because when we open the dictionary or encyclopedia we cannot find these words, absolute sex! What is absolute sex? Father has created completely new words. So if they ask us "what is the meaning of absolute sex?" we need to have some better understanding of its meaning. True Father said absolute sex is the First Article of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This week, standing in True Parents position, I officiated at a True Family Values Festival for 50 ministers in Chicago. As I gave the officiator's address at this event, I told the ministers "after today, you must practice absolute sex. If you do not follow absolute sex, this ceremony has no meaning. You will lose this Blessing. Can you promise to practice this?" I asked them. "Yes," they said. The wives were so happy. In this kind of practice, husbands and wives can relax when their spouses are away. They do not have to always worry. Very wonderful.

Actually, Father taught absolute sex in many, many different ways, on different occasions and at every opportunity. So I always remembered this and tried to understand and organize these explanations of "What is the meaning of absolute sex?" This is Father's teaching so we have to understand.

Who is God? God is the Creator. God is the Parent of us, His children. But God is invisible. We cannot see God. However, God needs love. In order to practice love, He needs partnership. Why does God need love? Because He hates loneliness! Do you like loneliness? Of course you don't. He needs someone to have the emotion of give and take love with. And then He can have the feeling of joy and satisfaction. God needs a partner. Love cannot be practiced alone.

The root of True Love is God. The owner of True Love is God. Because He needed partnership, He first created all the cosmos. The cosmos has two parts--the visible world and the invisible world. This visible

cosmos is substantial and material. God created all this. He used material to create Adam and Eve, subject and object. This subject and object, this Adam and Eve then become God's partnership. This is the purpose of God's creation.

However, this purpose of God's creation is not fulfilled. Humankind completely lost God. Some people cannot even believe in God. Some even say He does not exist. Others say God may be dead. Many, many theses have been written about God. If we look at the Old Testament, we find that God appears "symbolically." That is, the sun is the symbol of man, the moon is the symbol of woman, symbols of masculinity and femininity, and so forth. And dual characteristics such as light and shadow, and cold and hot; in every sense all these cosmic dual characteristics exist, don't you agree? We can see God in all these many ways.

In the New Testament age, the visible God came in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus, the begotten son of God. He himself was the masculine image of God but Jesus could not succeed in bringing the feminine image of God. So he brought the 'spiritual' feminine image of God, the Holy Spirit. The disciple Thomas asked Jesus Christ, "can you show me God? You always talk about God but I cannot believe because I cannot see God." Jesus said, "what are you saying, you have seen me so you have also seen God." Jesus meant that his body, his image, was a copy of his father, God, a partner.

If Jesus, in the New Testament, had found his spouse, his feminine counterpart, he would have made his True Family, then the Living God would have come down vertically, 90 degrees, and dwelled with that family. The most important purpose of creation of humankind is: God needs a substantial image of Himself. He needs a substantial physical body. Because God is spirit, an invisible Being, he wants to pour His spirit into a substantial body where He can dwell and have give and take of love. This is the purpose of creation.

Jesus Christ and his spouse would have fulfilled this purpose. This would have been Second Adam and Eve fulfilling the original purpose. So True Parents have come in Third Adam and Eve position, coming for Second Advent. Most important, God wants to dwell with us. Through our True Parents, we can be engrafted and born again as children of the Third Adam, the True Parents; we can receive the Blessing; and become true children of the true family. God wants to dwell inside of the Third Adam, and then all people. Where? Within sexual love, in give and take of sexual love. That is where God wants to dwell. That is the most intimate, most close place.

Which is good--husband and wife just looking at each other for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even a whole lifetime? Or having close, intimate relationship? Of course we want to have close intimacy. So in this Completed Testament Era, the most important requirement is absolute sex.

From the vastness of the cosmos, the essence of all things went into the creation of Adam and Eve, down to their utmost holy place, the sexual organs. First Adam, Second, Third Adam came, but that is not good enough. It takes two representatives, the substantial masculinity and femininity of God, centered on True Love, in closeness--I in you and you in me--kind of closeness that is essential. This love, if husband and wife are really having this kind of give and take love, this kind of ecstasy, makes the world move, don't you think so? This is true sexual relationship, holy sexual relationship.

God doesn't want to dwell in the blue sky; God doesn't want to dwell in some house somewhere, do you understand? But God wants to dwell in the most intimate place of human beings. For that we need absolute sex, absolute masculine sex, absolute feminine sex. These two sexes,

centered on God and True Love and give and take. This is fantastic eschatology, this emotional wonderful part where God wants to dwell.

This part [pointing to the board] is the cosmos, this part is the human being.

This part is absolute sex. So who has sex? Man and woman, right? How do we distinguish which is man and which is woman? Is it because man wears a necktie that we know it is a man? Or maybe because man has short hair and woman has long hair? But today, men have long hair too. And men are also wearing earrings, and even their voice is sometimes feminine. And women now are using very short hairstyles, unisex. In this world now we can't distinguish who is man and who is woman! So the way we distinguish is through the sexual organ.

The conclusion is: God created man and woman to practice love. Most important is this part, this sexual organ, to have sexual relationship. Man and woman, yang and yin, subject and object. Sexual organs are convex and concave. Hyungsang and Sungsang. And why did God create all of this? For absolute sex and absolute sexual relationship. Who is the owner of this absolute sex, and sexual organs? God is owner. And God is owner of partnership.

Why did God create these dual characteristics and parts? Because our original parent, God, exists by dual characteristics. So in this sense, does God have a mind and body or not? God is invisible but He also has mind and body, don't you think? God is an emotional God or unemotional God? He is sometimes angry, sometimes sad. In the Bible we read where He is sometimes disappointed and upset. Sometimes He is very happy too. In the beginning when He created Heaven and Earth, one day, after His hard work in creating, God said "it is so good, I am so happy." He is a very emotional God; He has a mind. Also He has a body.

Humankind and all the cosmos is a copy of God's nature and formed of God's nature. Does God have a sexual organ or not? God also has a sexual organ. God is invisible but he has a mind part and a body part, with a sexual organ. It is clear. So as a copy of this, humankind came out in the form of man and in the form of woman, with sexual parts, where God comes down to dwell together with us.

Think about it. As human beings we have emotion, intellect and will. This is important. Through our intellect, our brain part, we understand things. To have strong determination, which part do we use? Our Will. But the most sensitive emotional part is which part? Our sexual organ. People think of the brain as being the most important part. No. To create the sexual organs, God really invested all His energy, all His techniques. The brain is very important but if we did not have the sexual organs, human beings could not multiply, and generation after generation would not exist. Also, without this part, God's purpose of creation, give and take of love, is impossible. Love is the most important, most valuable thing.

If we think vertically, God is subject and we are object partnership. In this sense, Adam and Eve were partners to God. God is the symbol of masculinity; we call Him Heavenly Father, not Heavenly Mother. God needed a feminine partner who was Eve. Wonderful. God created Eve last. Most beautiful of creation, most creative climax was woman, not man. Woman is symbol of beauty. Man is symbol of muscle, ugly muscle (laughter). Woman is symbol of beauty and peace--Women's Federation for World Peace. Now a new culture is coming, woman's culture. Now even computer and other technology being developed is so sensitive-- like woman's character. What is the meaning of marriage? What is marriage? Two absolute sex

objects--masculine absolute sex and feminine absolute sex. These two become officially one, under God's blessing and permission, This is the meaning of marriage. Walking down the aisle to the wedding music is only the beginning of marriage. But it is when the two go together to the marriage bed that it becomes a real marriage. When we enter into sexual life, we need passion and desire (eros), but because of today's fallen world, people, even religious people, think passion is like a fallen act, or something not to be entered into. Many become priests and nuns.

Actually, what we think of as carnal desire or eroticism, is rightful, but these have been misused since the fall of man. Without these emotions, we cannot begin married life, sexual life. And without these, God's substantial love cannot exist on Earth. God would not have a dwelling place. Also, without this passion, this erotic sexual life, multiplication could not come about. Sons and daughters could not come into existence.

Without the four realms of heart, we cannot understand God's love and also we cannot perfect love. If we do not have our children and descendants, we cannot become a second visible God. God is the original God, we are the second creators, and become the children of God. For that we need to receive God's character of creativity. How do we create? Actually, we can make this kind of microphone I am using now, or this kind of podium I am standing behind, or we build houses, everything. All wonderful things, But the most important creating we do is our children. Multiplication. Then we become truly the creator God.

We have two kinds of love--we have spiritual love with our spiritual body and we have physical love with our physical body. Man has a physical body and a spiritual body, and woman has a physical body and a spiritual body. Our spirits must love one another, and through our physical sexual parts we must love each other. This way we can make the perfect love. We can do that. God can really come down and dwell with us. We become completely one.

Why is marriage important through this absolute sexual life? Through this sexual life we can truly understand the deep feelings of love and understand and have the experience of True Love. Sexual love is necessary for energy. We need this energy. Through this energy we become one. Through this energy our two different lineages can merge. Husband's lineage, wife's lineage mingle and from that comes a copy of the two, the second generation. How about interracial couples? From that mingled lineage comes mingled character as well as color. Wonderful. In our children, the father's character comes out, mother's character comes out. If in our blessed families the husband is good Abel character, this will be inherited by second generation. And if the wife is good Abel-type character, second generation will be even more wonderful Good and heroic persons will come forth. On the contrary, in the satanic world, husband's Cain-type character and wife's Cain-type character produces bad children. Entirely different.

First, let us think about what absolute sexual organ means. What is it's purpose. Absolute sexual organ means absolute sex. God really created this sexual organ using more of His energy than on any other part. All of His abilities were poured into the creation of the sexual organ. We have to understand this. In the human body, as man and woman have give and take of sexual love, then comes multiplication of descendants. This new life coming out. Through which part does it come? Through the nose? Mucus comes out the nose. Ears? No, wax. Mouth? Only saliva. Life can come out only through the sexual organ. Through our brain we can make robots. But can a robot make a baby? No. Even after 1,000 years of development, impossible. Man may try different means, but there is only one way to make the baby. Anything else is only destructive. So this sexual part is most important.

Consider the distinction between man and woman. Who can know which is masculine or feminine? Only through the sexual part can this distinction be made. Where does God dwell--in our brain? No, in our sexual organ. The Origin of the Universe is the sexual organ.

The substantial experience and feeling and understanding of love is through this sexual organ is love. Father said the sexual organ is the Palace of Love. True life, true love, true lineage comes through the sexual organ. Without the sexual organ, we cannot find true life, true love, true lineage. The Palace is the living palace for a King and Queen, the most noble, most holy palace, the holy of holies.

Father said something so interesting. Father said the sexual organ is the "magic box between Heaven and Earth." This is true. For instance, man and woman can spend one night together and a baby can be born! That's a magic box. In Korean, we say, cho hwa tong, meaning magic box. A magician pulls everything out of a magic box! That is the best expression!

Father said this absolute sex is more important than God, more important than husband and wife, more important even than children. Without this part, no love exists, no lineage exists, no children exist. Even husband and wife would be like two sticks touching. No feeling, nothing, not becoming one. So only through absolute sex can come true love. We say God's love is almighty, love is the most high value, but now we say absolute sex is most valuable.

The sexual organ is the starting place of the Kingdom of Heaven. What is the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Hell? Centered on Satan, Adam and Eve got the children, family, tribe, nation and world--this is the Kingdom of Hell. These children came from where? Adam and Eve's sexual organ, sexual life. The Kingdom of Heaven is centered on God. From absolute give and take sexual life comes family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. So good or children and bad children come out from the sexual organ. Beautiful children, ugly children come out from which place? The magic box!

True Father is truly the Messiah. Who knew all this before in human history? Only he knew. So the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven and on Earth is where? With these two, Adam and Eve. These two sexual parts of give and take come out as Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of Hell? So good or bad comes out through sexual organ. Patriots or traitors come. Peter and Judas came out these same sexual parts. One went the good way, one became betrayed Jesus. In conclusion, we know that good sexual parts produce good children, bad sexual parts produce bad children. Absolute sex brings absolute good people.

Sexual organs have form, are visible. Then multiplication comes through give and take love. This is the purpose of the sexual organ. Father said sexual organs' use is to be only 90 degrees. That means if husband and wife are one, then it is 90 degrees. But in today's world, a may husband goes 91 degrees by getting another woman besides his wife, and then 92 degrees, and so on up to 365 degrees. However, only 90 degrees in one direction is allowable. This is a problem for men and women, different mates.

God said the Tree of Life symbolized Adam, woman is symbolized by the Tree of Good and Evil. That is so meaningful. Because if Eve had used her sexual organ in the right way, good babies would have come. Wrong use brought bad children. If used well, good results come. If used the wrong way, bad results come. Adam and Eve both used their sexual organs in the wrong way.

Into the holy of holies, only the high priest went once a year. If all the people went into the holy of holies, what would happen? They would die. If we read in the Bible Hebrews 9:7, St. Paul said only the high priest could go into the holy of holies one time a year. Other people could not. That means regarding the sexual organs, only permitted person can go in. Who has the key to the sexual organ? The husband has the key to the wife's sexual organ and wife has the key to the husband's sexual organ. No one else is permitted.

Who has ownership of sexual organs. The husband has ownership of his wife's sexual organ and the wife has ownership of her husband's sexual organ. Without permission no one else can go in.

Finally, God is eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute. Love is also eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute. Sexual organ is also eternal, unchanging, unique and absolute. So True Father said only absolute sex now.

The Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of Hell starts with the sexual organ. Right now, we have bad, polluted sexual organs so we need to have pure, clean sexual organs. We need to be born again. Reborn. Who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Those who practice absolute sex, absolute love; absolute couples, absolute family, only this kind of people can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Spiritually, we know love, physical, substantial absolute sexual love is the most important condition to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, so Father said Absolute Sex is the First Article of the Constitution of God. Now we realize. Father has said all this in so many different ways, so as I examined and organized all of Father's words, I came to understand more clearly.

The meaning of all this is: absolute man and absolute woman and absolute love and absolute sexual love, in these areas God is dwelling. With all this completed, we have finished our life on Earth and then we follow this pattern to the spiritual world. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

Is the Kingdom of Heaven full or empty? Empty. No one has entered. Not even Jesus Christ. He brought absolute sex, but he didn't have absolute sexual life; he could not experience absolute love so Jesus had to stay in Paradise. He needs to come back and find his physical, substantial partnership. his true spouse. Then he can have a true family and experience absolute sex, absolute true love. Then he goes to the Kingdom of Heaven. In this physical life, we are so lucky to receive God's Blessing.

The Messiah, Christ, True Father, True Mother, True Parents, what is their purpose of coming to the Earth? John's revelation, chapter 19, v. 7 speaks of the coming Marriage of the Lamb. Even Christians could not explain. They said, "Marriage of the Lamb means the bride is Christianity." It's true that the Christian church is the bride, but most important is the coming of this Third Adam, second Messiah, True Father. He is looking for True Mother, his spouse, true wife, true bride. And then the wedding ceremony, and then the cosmic holy wedding. In 1960 the Holy Wedding was in Korea. That was the first appearance. The appearance of the Messiah means God's substantial absolute sex appears. First time in human history. Absolute pure and holy, God's substantial sexual organ. Man's organ, woman's organ, the Messiah and his Bride, they become the model of absolute sex. Model of absolute sexual love life.

I was in the 430 Couple Blessing. At that time, I was a church leader in the countryside. Father came with Mother to my region. Father called all the blessed couples of the 430 Blessing. We were in the 40- day separation period. Father sat down with us and taught us about husband-wife sexual

relationship. Honestly, at that time I so appreciated Father. I thought, he is truly my father, truly my mother. So close a feeling. Without his physical children, how could Father and Mother teach this most deep secret of human life? Most deep secret of human life he gave to me. That meant he was truly my parents. Even my physical parents didn't teach me this way. But True Father did. I remember deeply, tearfully appreciating Father.

So if we can be born again, change the blood lineage, then we pass the absolute sex taught by True Parents. We need to receive absolute sex partner, absolute sexual life, absolute sexual love which we inherit from True Parents.

Wow! Wonderful! If you truly understand this meaning, then you will be jumping and dancing. We are such lucky people.

What is absolute sex? Father said "all my love (mong ddang nae sa rang )." God most likes absolute sex. First Article of the Constitution of Kingdom of Heaven, absolute sex. We now realize that absolute sex is pro sex, "proud sex," "positive sex," "pure sex," "monogamous sex," and "joyful, happy sex." This is absolute sex. We must appreciate True Parents. Without True Parents' revealing of this most deep secret, we could not find; we were blind. Now we see our purpose for being created. So liberating. Amen.

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