Unification News for February 1997

Letter to Steve Hassan 

TO: Steve Hassan
FROM: Peter D. Ross
RE: Recent correspondence
DATE: January 15, 1996

Beyond the audacity of your January 13 letter, please be assured that I have only imparted to John Koch the truth about who you are, the discredited junk science you pedal, and the illicit activities you have engaged in. Furthermore, I have sought to facilitate communication between John and those whom you have so egregiously abused for your own profit that the Globe might publish an objective account. If this is "unflattering" to you, I believe you should follow the dictates of your conscience, publicly apologize to the Unification Church, and engage in a more pleasing line of work. You must have anticipated that sooner or later your fifteen minutes of fame would reach an inevitable and natural conclusion when an informed public would exclaim that the emperor has no clothes!

On a personal note, Steve, I believe that many years ago during a brief association with the Church you had a profound religious experience. Unfortunately, before you had time to fully comprehend it and take responsibility for it, it was ripped away from you. Through the abusive process of faith-breaking you were indeed victimized. In the interim, beyond the crass commercial use you have made of your apostasy, I believe you have not been able to fully heal from that tragic occurrence. It is obvious to me that while you never really joined the Unification Church you have not been able to just leave it behind. However, when you are ready to take responsibility in this regard, I am confident you will experience the forgiveness and compassion of those whom you have wronged.

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