Unification News for February 1997

Distance Learning Project at University of Bridgeport

by Michael Giampaoli-Bridgeport, CT

The University of Bridgeport is implementing a distance learning project, of which I am coordinating. We are beginning with training the faculty in course design, instructional technology, and monitoring educational outcomes through distance-type courses.

Our preference is too conduct courses through the Internet but we are exploring other methods (satellite, video-teleconferencing).

The first degree program to be offered will be the M.S. in Human Nutrition which will begin in September. We'll probable focus on certificate type programs in the beginning, in business, finance, computer science and degree completion.

We are considering entering into partnerships with other institutions where the start-up fixed costs can be shared. There are a few obstacles that we are grappling with; accreditation, faculty skepticism, and budgetary constraints.

If anyone is interested in this project I would be happy to hear from you, especially if you are interested in instructional technology, web design, html or java authoring, etc.

Also, on my grand layout, is a professional education center, where all types of education, not only the academic required courses of UB, can be offered, such as agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture, financial analyst, etc. If anyone has talents in these areas, please get in touch.



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