Unification News for January, 1997

Absolute Sex Rally

by Mark Zimmermann-Berkeley, CA

Dec. 12, 1996 was a very exciting day for Northern California CARP! We had our first Absolute Sex Rally, which was held at probably the most sexually liberal college campus in the nation: San Francisco State University. All the better, because our rally drew lots of attention today from all sides. It even drew a little heckling from someone from the "other camp." But rather than ruin the day, which is what one student sought to do by trying to discredit our perspective, by shouting obscenities at the stage, the rally turned out to be a great success! Many people today saw that at the root of the free sex movement lies great fear and anger. The spirit of God and True Parents dominated the entire atmosphere, so that by the end of the rally, many students got a chance to hear about pure love and absolute sex.

The event was emceed by Jennifer Perry, whose voice, with the help of a powerful speaker system, was heard throughout a big section of the campus. Many brothers and sisters, including Larry Krishnek and Mata Kingi, gave sincere and confident testimonies. At the peak of the rally, which was towards the end, there were about one hundred students gathered at the Malcolm X Plaza, where the stage was set.

At times, different speakers spoke from the very bottom of their hearts, which was effective with the audience. There were, however, times in which we fumbled over our words. I realized that much of the absolute sex perspective isn't quite digested yet. We have yet to clarify within ourselves just how to present the material to our campuses in a way which will be most powerful. I am confident that we will come to that point together. But at our rally, overall, the spirit and enthusiasm was very high. And the response from students, and some faculty, I believe, was very good and meaningful. Without a doubt, we will be making an impact on our campuses here in Northern California!

How exciting it is! When I think that all across the nation we are reaching an entirely new level in our outreach, I feel hope for the youth of America. This semester at my school, U.C. Berkeley, I have felt many times what a wonderful new era we are entering. May God bless your work on all of your campuses!

Reprinted from "American Neighborhood," the newsletter of the Northern California Unification Community 

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