Unification News for January, 1997

What's Moksa?

by Brigitte Wakabayashi

This was posted on the internet in response to a question about moksa.

The "herb" is called "moksa". It is widely used in Korea and Japan already. I first got it years ago from a Korean accupuncturist who used it on my children to treat colds, coughs, fever, etc. and I found it really works well.

It is an extract of certain leaves and has almost a feeling like cork that has been ground fine... You take a minute sample for children, for adults a slightly larger sample, place it on the affected area and light it. As it burns, it stings for a short instance (like a needle prick), and the essence of the herbs go under the skin, into the tissue, nerves, etc .-relaxing them, and promoting healing.

The Japanese have slightly altered the "moksa" by not burning the skin directly, but through some kind of contraption, and I found it just as effective - you can buy it in packages, and it is called "Sennenkyu" or "Okyu". You can get it in various strengths and even added with Ginseng, Garlic, etc. The accupuncturist taught me a bit how to use it on certain accupuncture points-this is often a place rather far removed from the painful area or organ.

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