Unification News for January, 1997

MOKSA: Testimony at Leaders Meeting

January 2-3, 1997 by Do Hi Pak

During the leaders meetings January 2 " 3 in Sao Paulo, True Father and Do Hi Pak spoke of a special treatment that has healed cancer in a number of people. True Father encouraged national messiahs to take the treatment to their mission countries. Do Hi Pak was the Regional Director in Region 2 when he became ill.

True Father introduced the subject: Do Hi Pak used to have cancer in his lymph nodes and almost died. He had surgery and chemotherapy. After one chemotherapy treatment he had no energy and felt like dying. The hospital said he should take that treatment six times, but he decided to seek other treatment instead. In the end, he was completely healed of his cancer, not (only) because of surgery and chemotherapy, but because of this treatment.

True Father thought when missionaries go to their countries, they can share this story about cancer.

Mr. Pak took a very strong, green, celery-like herb to cure his cancer. It is very bitter. Instead of being eaten, the herb is dried, crushed and burned. Then the diseased area of one's body is bathed in the smoke from this burning herb. The burning herb does not itself touch the skin, just the smoke. An elder Korean man developed this method, which employs a ring made of soy beans and powder.

This treatment healed Mr. Pak. True Father has also taken this treatment 80 times because of a tumor in his cheek. After he had taken a number of treatments, he had some swelling in his cheek, then it was opened and found to be totally cured. True Father is very healthy now.

A sister with cancer was also successfully treated in this way. She has recovered completely.

In True Father's experience the drug had the following effects:

1. After the treatments, True Father had a very comfortable feeling.

2. He also had a good appetite. As one gets older, one doesn't swallow so well. But after that treatment, food went down more easily.

3. Also, True Father's saliva gland had dried up. Because of this problem, if he talked too much, his mouth became dry. Since that treatment, however, his salivary gland has healed and is working normally.

Do Hi Pak continued: Rather suddenly I became ill and checked into a hospital for tests. I went first to a hospital in New Jersey and then to one in New York, two different hospitals. They did not find anything wrong. Then one Korean doctor recommended a specialist whom I visited, and eventually I was diagnosed with cancer.

This was a difficult discovery for me because I had felt that those who work for Heavenly Father would not develop such illnesses as cancer. Initially, cancer does not cause pain. When you start feeling pain, it is already beyond recovery. I was surprised to learn that other members are dying of cancer. The doctor I had seen recommended I get a second opinion, which I did. It was the same diagnosis: cancer. He said it was most unusual for such a healthy man to have cancer. He strongly urged me to have an operation; without it, he said I would have no hope of survival. Other doctors told me I was lucky to be diagnosed at such an early stage, but I did need an operation. The next morning when I woke I had a deep prayer and asked Heavenly

Father if I should have the operation. I received an inspiration that I should be operated on by someone I know. We don't realize how complex our system is; if it malfunctions even for a short time, it has a bad effect on the whole system. So, it is very delicate to have surgery. One should be careful in deciding to have surgery. Cancer can be benign or malignant. If it is malignant, one can die in 3 months. There is no guarantee that doctors will cure the cancer 100%. They examine the patient, calculate the odds of success and then operate.

Because of my dream, my wife and I decided we should go to Korea to find a surgeon. Fortunately, my main surgeon was my relative. I had good surgery and thought it would take care of everything. But after the surgery, I was told I had to continue my treatment with chemotherapy. I had to go to the hospital every 20 days and stay there for 5 days. Chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells but good cells as well. So there are serious side effects of chemotherapy. Half of the people who receive chemotherapy end up dying. When I returned from five days of chemotherapy the first time, I could not move. My head felt empty; I felt as if I was dying. After this experience, I decided to stop going to chemotherapy and informed the doctor that I would not go through with this treatment. He said that is something one simply has to go through and recommended I continue, but I decided to stop.

My wife was praying for me. She had a dream the day of my operation that True Parents operated on me. That is why I thought with the operation I would be OK. We had 5 children, and we are not economically well off yet. She felt quite helpless, but one day she read an article in the newspaper about a natural treatment called Moksa, a smoke treatment on the skin (which True Father spoke about yesterday). Her brother was an acupuncturist, so she knew the value of the moksa treatment because it is based on the same principle. She recommended that I stop chemotherapy and do the moksa treatment, called dem in Korean. I hesitated, but eventually visited a therapist for 10 days. He told me I could have been healed without surgery.

After the initial treatments, I began to feel dramatically healthier. I decided to continue treatment, and my wife learned the treatment method from the therapist so that she could treat me herself at home. Gradually I began to have confidence in this method. After 50 days I had a great deal of confidence. The reason I could go to the 40-day Chung Pyung Lake workshop was because of this treatment. The surgery had taken away a lot of cells around the cancer and was taking a long time to heal and caused me a lot of pain. I began researching the treatment and gave testimony about it.

I was very grateful to True Parents and others who had been concerned about my situation. After a certain period, I became confident that this method can, in fact, heal my cancer. After that I reported to True Father. In the beginning I had not been able to believe 100% that what they advertised would really work for me, but when I saw that this worked not only for me but for others, I became convinced of its effectiveness. One person who had undergone surgery for cancer had a relapse after three years and was told he had no hope of recovery. It was a death sentence for him. His health had already deteriorated to such an extent that he had an oxygen mask over his face. He felt so miserable; his situation was desperate, and he knew he was on the way out.

This person received a recommendation to try this moksa method for three days. After three days he felt such a great difference that he became quite excited. He bought a lot of moksa. There are three main places (on the body?) one is supposed to treat with moksa. He asked his daughter to do these treatments every night. After seven days there was an even more dramatic improvement, and he was able to do away with his oxygen mask. He felt he had changed so much, 1000% more

than he had expected. He was so excited.

One church member, Tom , had lymph-node cancer. I also recommended this method to him. He, too, had dramatic results. After the moksa treatment, the size of his swelling was reduced to half.

This moksa treatment is not just something that I have heard about. I have direct experience with it. As True Father has taught us, if we don't see substantial results, we should not talk about it. So, I held this back for a time and did not talk about it. I wanted only to give testimony through my own positive experience. True Father, after receiving my report, said that this natural method from ancient oriental medicine was a natural cure. He spoke at length about it.

This Moksa treatment appears to be better for Orientals like Koreans than for Westerners. It has a particularly positive effect on women, particularly for uterine cancer. When I told him about it, True Father already knew about this. Now I hope the members will learn about it. 

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