Unification News for January, 1997

The Japanese Providence in South America

by Chantal Chetelat Komagata-La Paz, Bolivia

Already one and a half months have passed since I left Japan for Montevideo, Uruguay, together with 4200 Japanese women (including seven Western, seven Philippine and about 40 Korean sisters), through the Family Federation for World Peace. We spent between one and two weeks there, in a big stadium, receiving Father's love, Rev. Zin Moon Kim's guidance and accomplishing the sisterhood ceremony with Uruguayan women. Then we went to our respective mission countries, 120 to each one of the 35 countries of the American continent. Our mission as national Eve is to unite with the national Adam (the four national Messiahs centering on the Korean Messiah) and each one of us has the determination to bring 160 to 180 couples to the next blessing. On that foundation we can go back home and witness to 120 families of our tribes in Japan. The persecution in Japan being extremely intense and South America being the area with greatest potential right now, we were asked to sacrifice our families in order to revitalize that area and create model countries. Our external goal is to teach the Principle in order to recreate God-centered families and thus help prevent developing countries from becoming materialistic and atheistic powers. Our internal purpose is to love others more than our families- that is, to practice the Principle. Everything is at our own expense, including the very expensive ticket, buying centers and providing for our own living expenses. Unless Japan sacrifices for the world, satan is not going to leave that country and it is doomed to hell, including the second generation.

It's really terrible how fast moral degradation is taking place in Japan right now, because internal values are not being taught. Pornography is displayed in convenience stores and video shops. Middle and high school girls are using prostitution as an easy way to make money. They call it "telephone club," get appointments with older men and don't even think it is immoral. If a society teaches its children only external values like the importance of studying, getting a good job and making a lot of money, why should those children think that making money by selling their bodies is bad?

Masayuki and I are very worried about our children. We know that the values we teach inside the family are most important, and the example we live is even more essential. But we cannot neglect the influence the environment has on our children. Especially in Japan there is so much homogeneity that if one is different and acts differently, he or she is bullied by the others. Therefore we need to change Japan. But the citizens of a developed country are often too comfortable and arrogant to think about God. I struggled in Japan for four years trying to find people who would be interested in spiritual values, but was not able to do anything. My frustration was great because I wasn't able to be proud of and love our True Parents. This summer I participated in the ten-day workshop in Alaska for Seminary graduates and received so much love from True Parents and so many new insights into the Divine Principle from Rev. Sudo's lectures that I returned to Japan determined to make a difference there. But somehow the conditions are not ripe right now in Japan, and when Father's direction to go to South America came in November, I knew this was the only way to prevent us from dying in Japan and to save the country indirectly.

We are now on a heavenly race to create a country which will be a model nation for the rest of the world. That's our purpose in South America. What country will be the first to accept the Principle in its Constitution? Of course, I cry every day because I cannot love my husband and my own children face to face and through that feeling I can understand God's Heart. He has been longing for thousands of years to meet His children. My children (ages six, four and two) miss their mom very much, too, and they can learn substantially to relate to True Children's hearts of missing their parents. Also, it's an opportunity for the mothers in the community to sometimes love my children and expand their own hearts, and give an example of unselfish love to their own children.

All the women from Japan sacrificed their families and therefore we can invest all our love into the people here. There are many wonderful people in Bolivia. Most are Native Americans (they originally came from Asia, crossed the Bering Strait and went all the way from North to South America) who have suffered tremendously, are still living in very humble conditions and therefore are searching and can relate to a suffering God. Universities' fees being free, many people study, including night classes, and the educational level is fairly high, making it easier for them to understand the depth of the Principle; but the number of street children who don't even go to elementary school, because they try to get money by polishing shoes, selling things or begging, is great. It is still a country of extremes.

Father created a newspaper in South America (Tiempos del Mundo), corresponding to The Washington Times he established 14 years ago in the USA. Former Pres. Bush and many heads of countries participated in the opening ceremony Nov. 23 in Buenos Aires. Through Tiempos del Mundo, Father intends to spread true values, unify the continent and thereby bring great development to all the hemisphere's nations. Father has been investing so much in this part of the world and without doubt it will become a leading area in the coming century. We just need to harvest the fruits.

Because I am the only one in the group of 120 sisters who can speak Spanish, I am extremely busy teaching the sisters Spanish, interpreting for them, meeting students and other people, and teaching the Principle. Days pass by so quickly that a year will be over soon. We'll be going to the United States in October to prepare for the great Blessing of 3.6 million couples in Washington DC. Then we'll be flying back to Japan in November. But who knows what will happen next?

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