Unification News for January, 1997

Why We Should Believe in God

by Christopher Ren-Boonville, CA

This article was presented and given as a speech on Nov. 20, 1996 by Christopher Ren, 11 years old, to his 6th grade class in St. Mary Catholic School. Christopher chose the topic from his English teacher's list of different subjects. He and his brother had just finished reading the Divine Principle book and the Unification News monthly series on True Parents' life.

Do you believe in God? Have you ever believed in Him?

Well, the reason we should believe in God is that He won't punish us and we would stop fighting each other. Also, He can be our friend.

So, the reason we should believe in God is that He is our Heavenly Father.

He created us as His sons and daughters. He gave us this beautiful creation like trees, oceans, flowers and animals to enjoy and take care of.

As you can see, if God is our Father, we are all brothers and sisters.

No matter who we are, where we live, or what color our skin, we should all love each other as our Heavenly Father loves us. This is the reason we should believe in God. Also, we should believe in Him because without Him, we would not exist. So we should be grateful to Him because He gave us air, food and the sun. I hope that now you will better understand who is God and why we should believe in Him.

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