Unification News for November 1996


Italian News on the Internet

by Antonio Zoroddu-Rome, Italy

For several years I've been taking care of the Italian Church page on Internet, while endeavoring to keep it up to the state of the art.

Recently I had the idea of realizing special pages for those Italian members who left here and wish to be informed of the developments in their native country.

The Nuova Famiglia is a short column taking its name from the newsletter the Italian families, members of the Unification Church, periodically receive.

The aim I pursue is passing on the news about the Italian Church that our brothers and sisters abroad could otherwise hardly receive; they may also exchange and have published their letter and photos, in order to create opportunities of re-contact with each other.

Moreover, through the Web pages they can read the Italian newspapers available on Internet, and keep themselves informed of the national news.

The Internet address for "La Nuova Famiglia On Line" is:


For info, email me at: a.zoroddu@stm.it or fax: +39/6/7045-0184



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