Unification News for November 1996


True Family Values Ministry Video Created

by Toshi Tagawa-NYC

I wanted to help this "True Family Values Ministry" providence by visiting some churches in my home church area but all I had was an invitation on a piece of paper. I felt it is not quite strong enough to convince the ministers to believe that it is really happening. It was difficult especially because I didn't have chance to attend to the seminar and didn't experience (or see) it myself.

So I started looking for some video to introduce this seminar. So I can explain better what I'm trying to invite. But I couldn't find it.

So I decided to make one.

I called DC and Mr. Bruce Smith and Dr. Hendricks helped me to find the original tape shot by Atlantic Video at the conference in DC. Actually the tape was kept at CARP studios in New Yorker where I live. So I could start editing right away. And finish it in one week just using after hours of my work.

The content of this video is very simple. Short clips of Dr. Hendricks, Rev. Levy Daugherty, Rev. Kevin McCarthy and Rev. Purnell Spicer giving talk or lectures. Plus the testimonies from the ministers who attended this seminar. I included some extra shots like the ministers studying, crying, lunch time etc. It doesn't have any narration. So you may need to give an introduction before you show this video to the ministers. (But that is what we are doing anyway without the video.) The purpose of this video is simply to show that what you are talking to the ministers is real. And show them that the ministers who attended to the seminar were inspired and had some good experiences.

I bought a camcorder with a small 4 inch monitor screen. I started visiting some ministers with this camcorder and showing them this video. It is much more powerful than just showing a piece of paper. They can see that it is really happening. Also this new camcorder gets their attention. Some ministers are more interested in the camcorder than the video. 15 years ago we had the video vans. But now we can show the video anywhere by (from) the video machine fits in your hand! I can really believe the development of the technology is for the messiah. And we should use it. If you are thinking about buying a camcorder get the one with a monitor so you can use it for God.

I hope this 8 and half minute video can help this providence.

I want to thank Dr. Hendricks and Future Production for the duplication, Atlantic Video and CARP studios for the original video, Manhattan Center Studios for giving me a chance to use the machine to edit, Alister Farrant for recording the music over night, Rev. Clarke and Rev. Chen Fong and all the brothers and sisters who helped me to make this video editing possible,

If you are interested in obtaining this video, please call: 212-997- 0050x501.


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