Unification News for November 1996


Father & Son Workshop at Tehachapi

by Godwin D'Silva-Los Angeles, CA

There is a place where there is fresh air, blue skies and beautiful sloping hills, with horses and cows grazing the landscape. It is right here in California: Tehachapi Mountains, to be precise, located two hours northwest of L.A.

This was an idea of Bob Spitz, who felt that fathers needed to spend more time with their growing sons. Although the workshop at the Sky Mountain Resort was short in duration, beginning Saturday with an overnight stay in beautiful condominiums and cottages, we dads and sons received Divine Principle lectures to our hearts' content, given by some very talented speakers like Mike Ginze, Mark Alexander and Bob Spitz.

Surprisingly, at the lectures, the boys, ranging from ages six through twelve, were attentive and asked a lot of questions.

Games like soccer, volleyball and table tennis were part of the program. The soccer matches had all-sons' teams versus all-dads'. The sons' team won 4-2. Dads were in various states of exhaustion by the end of the game.

The workshop had 30 guests with 12 adults, 18 children, some coming in from as far north as Ventura County and as far south as San Diego.

Sons and dads all came away from this weekend retreat eager to attend the next one!

Reprinted from The Unificationist, HSA-Southern California newsletter.


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