Unification News for September 1996


TV Evangelism-a Way to Touch the Hearts of Millions

by Erling Lea-Austin, TX

The old saying goes that if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth. So I say if you repeat the truth enough times, then it will be recognized as the truth!

Do you know that sales of sunglasses like those used on Miami Vice went up 300% as the show gained popularity? Why is Coke still advertised even though everyone on the planet knows what it is? Haven't you heard people say, "Well, they say that so-and-so did such- and-such?" More often than not, they refers to the media.

It is incredible how TV influences society. Many conversations center on TV programs shown the day before-even newspapers follow television programs. TV is truly powerful in its effect on us all.

In fact, just the other day I caught the Tonight Show. Jay Leno went around the streets of LA and asked what the passers-by knew about space. They could answer nine out of ten questions about Star Trek, but only one out of ten about astronomy.

You may ask, "What can I do about that? I can't do much; it's the people with money, expertise and position in the industry who determine the content of these shows, and there's little I can do." While it's true that there are a lot of highly-educated and experienced people in TV, it's also true that there are opportunities to learn the basics almost for free, and to air your work on local access cable TV channels. TV audiences are tired of the same old same old and are always looking for something news. Just look at how America's Funniest Home Videos has taken off. Hollywood was shocked, but now it airs twice a night during prime time and has one of the highest ratings. In my town, 160,000 people, two thirds of the city, have the opportunity to see True Parents and our teachings via cable.

My point to you is that there is a way for you to have an impact through this influential medium. I have made an instructional video which is simple and easy to follow. It explains:

1. How to get into public or leased access TV in your area

2. What to call your program

3. Where to buy video tapes formatted for airing

4. How to finance your programs

5. How to be in your own program, and make your own program

6. How to make your own DP programs and lectures

7. Where to get Unification Movement programs

8. How to get response to your programs

9. How to choose and develop series and non-series programs

10. How to get more airtime than other producers

11. How to make a live TV show

12. How to deal with other producers, to promote your programs, etc., etc.

The video costs $12.00, and check, cash or money order is accepted.

Please make checks payable to Erling Lea, 8201 Brettonwoods Ln., Austin, TX 78753. Phone (512)837-8705; Fax (512)837-8731. email HighIdeal1.AOL.Com


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