Unification News for September 1996


Whence American Manhood?

by Paul Angus Sullivan

The tragic state of affairs within America and Canada today are directly opposite to the fact and intent of our forefathers and the constitutions of this continent. The condition of this continent relative to our forefathers is filthy. Our youth are rude and callow, the femininity, grace and graciousness of our women has been replaced with carping feminist prattle and by girls & women who insist on being referred to as guys, weight-train to have bodies like boys and comport themselves like men, but are as spiritual as Ophelia.

Canada and The United States of America have fallen from being the greatest Christian civilization in history to being the continent of pornography to the world. That is to say we are now anti-Christ's. We have fallen from being the greatest economic engine in all history to being a continent of welfare wimps and socialists.

At one time the central concern of the people was their virtue, today the highest concern in the public discourse is values, relativistic secular values! How the mighty have fallen. A cursory look at women's TV and the massive sales of women's 'literature' like Gothic novels or the massive sales of The National Enquirer, and men's magazines, too, reflect the dumbing-down of this continent. Publications of wit and wisdom, like The Idler die on the vine.

In the last US presidential election we had Ross Perot, George Bush and William Jefferson Clinton: So, we had a man's man, a man who was the incumbent president and a lady's man. If the result of this election does not confirm the fact that women and children should not be made to suffer the onerous task of being enfranchised, nothing will. Governance is man's responsibility before God. See 1 Tim. 2:12. The Western World slides down the suffragettes' toilet to the glee of the WCTU. Simply said, it should be obvious that a ship can't have two captains, as the Swiss constitution clearly foresaw.

As we may see, the banking cartels as Satan's minions and the suffragettes as Eve's minions brought down North American manhood as they had brought Adam down and replaced this continent's mission with wage-slavery to banking debt and institutional socialism, replacing the Churches' mandates, all of which resulted in the 'dumbing-down' of the greatest creativity and spirituality of the nations and the West at large.

A century ago North American men clearly understood Lord Acton's statement: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." These men had, prudently provided for direct powers to be within the jurisdiction of the local communities and forbade the federal governments from direct powers, apart from setting standards etc. The feds were left residual powers.

The direct powers referred to in these constitutions are the power of direct tax and the power of 'central' money . This was clearly understood by the creators of the constitutions and by the citizens of the "New Worlds." Benjamin Franklin and Lords Thring and Carnarvon expressed these truths clearly and forcefully in the constitutions of this continent. Jesus had affirmed this in Matthew 17,25-26: Wherein He said that government income should be by tariff not by direct tax upon the citizen. The men who wrote the constitutions knew that direct taxation was antiChristian and it was to be left to the local community's tithes.

When the banking families of the 'Old World' conspired with the banking families of the 'New Worlds' and in turn, the politicians and the media to trench the constitutions of this continent with The Bank Act and the Income Tax Acts, they opened up the Pandora's box of massive federal trenching into the affairs of the local communities. These two great Nations will continue to slither into hell until we return to the letter and intent of our constitutions, or, we shall implode by debt. For proof see 'The Case Against The Fed" by Professor Murray Rothbard, my book, web page or bibliography.

We, in North America were creative, innovative, inventive, productive, and each generation left the following generation surpluses. The USA & Canada were the most fruitful & bountiful nations in all of history. In those days, a man could have a wife and eight children, he could feed them, clothe them, & educate them, without his wife having to work and without debt, as we once did, in both countries.

For the few wise men, that is to say those who understand first cause of the problems of this continent, I write so that you might appreciate that the return to our constitutions would be the crux- pivot towards the healing of our nations. Most of the institutions which are destroying us are financed by direct taxation. The consequences of the trenching of the constitutions is our funding of our massive central bureaucracies, myriad institutions and government duplication and the funds for much of the worlds nations' meddling. As I prove in my book and on my web site, the first country to rectify their fallen jurisdictions will become, once again, wealthy and healthy, industry can only boom and their large competitive edge will force other nations to return to honest jurisdictions or die to the competition, and, perhaps virtue may flourish again.

Also, as a religious aside, federal direct powers are anti-Christian as they negate Christ's teaching that direct powers belong to the communities, not to the state. If there is any root cause of America and Canada's death throes it is the abuse of direct powers by the federal governments. Agencies like ATF, FBI, IRS, FDA, EPA, DEA, RevCan and many other Canadian equivalents, all these confiscators of private property and their interference are contrary to the constitutions and contrary to the intent of the framers of the constitutions and they are anti-Christian and inimical to our forefathers & God as we know Him.

A cursory check of North American history clearly shows North American men & women were happy, & relative to others elsewhere, were ecstatically happy, well adjusted, took joy in their nature, functions, and families, and required no artificial support. What happened ?

The confoundation which assists in the creation of playboys, tarts, thugs, gangs and other emasculated entities is an historically recent phenomenon in America & Canada, a continent which had, for some centuries reveled in its innocent yet disciplined childhood, sturdy manhood and robust womanhood.

The feminization of North America into a whimpering, whining, hedonist matriarchy goes back to the collapse of cowardly wimps at The Battle of Suffragette in WCTU lands. Feminism demeans not just men, women, and children but the family unit itself, the essential building block of this or any other nation. Feminism justifies lesbianism, unmarried parenting (fornication), divorce, homosexuality and so, a multitude of evil. It is witchcraft. It is a result of confoundation. Hosea: 3The people die for want of knowledge2. Without the truth & a stubborn maintenance of morality, the people become confounded. Confoundation occurred during the death of every nation throughout all of history.

Illustrations of this confoundation abound. A few examples: Instead of teaching chastity in schools, the children are taught "safe-sex" and condomology. Instead of the survival of Newfoundland's fishermen and their families, the confounded preach the salvation of harp seal pups, which eat the fishermen's catch. Instead of concern for lumber & logging families, hysteria over forests, which are renewable anyway, even if unreforested. Instead of teaching virtue, we teach values: i.e. their `own thing1. Instead of the innovator who creates the business, you deify the unions, which ruin business. This is confoundation.

Instead of leaving our children surpluses, as our forefathers have done for centuries, this generation leaves this and the next generations indentured to governments, in debt to beauraucracies, owing banks and moneylenders. This is not just wrong, it is Evil !

If twenty children in a schoolyard beat on one child, that is obviously wrong, but if twenty factory workers gang up on the owner, with a union, that1s all right. No wonder our productivity is down the toilet. Without even discussing the illiteracy of our children, the adults, elect those least able to rule. Political illiteracy.

When the majority within a nation are confounded, then the nation dies. As in the death of Rome, the confounded scream for bread & circuses, that is, welfare and entertainment. Hosea: 3The people die for want of knowledge2, knowledge which should be being disseminated by teachers, preachers & the media. But what has become of them? Basically, they have been secularized, unionized, and they are, now, non-Christian or anti-Christian. We must return to our strengths and virtues or its over. Back to our mission, our reason. Laws against Christianity are a denial of the foundation, growth and, once near- perfection of this continent.

These North American nations were, once, Christian missions: Columbus' major intent was to proselytize Christianity to the Orientals. The Puritan Fathers were the first settlers due to their love of Christian principle & their desire to express it in their daily lives which was denied by their European masters. And lets not forget the Christian missionaries martyred here.

The ongoing election & re-election of the merely well intended, those who compromise reason & principle, is proof positive that most people should not be enfranchised as they clearly demonstrate continuing, repeated, & ongoing imprudence. Elections, today, are no better than popularity contests, as ludicrous as a high-school student-council election. The lifetime accomplishments of Perot or Bush are awesome compared to all the accomplishments of Gore & Clinton combined. This reflects on a grossly irresponsible voter & media.

Rant and rave, throw an hysterical tantrum, but men and women are different. They have different functions and roles. The Bible says they have different obligations to God, they have been different since Eve and they will be different forever: Rude opinion can not alter an absolute. But today, feminist rationalization dictates up is down, right is wrong and so women are men and men are women. Said the Bard: "Forgive me this my virtue when virtue is vice and vice is virtue."

Ask a woman of virtue who has had children to testify to the nurturing instinct. It is an ongoing sacrificial familial socialism for the edification of the children within the family. Ask any man who has competed in athletics, business, or scholarship to testify to the competitive instincts of manhood. Will these factors influence their voting practices ?

There are always, & everywhere, more women born than men. Women outlive men, and women have more leisure than men. So it should be apparent, that women outvote men. Is it a coincidence that since women were enfranchised the Western World's wealth has vanished, & manhood disappeared, problems multiplied and virtue vanished ? It's a coincidence ?

All of the above suggest: Due to the massive duty & obligations of fatherhood, relative to other functions the vote should be limited to the family unit, with the husband voting or empowering his wife to vote for the family. He must have attained at least twenty-five years of age, & not until the birth of the first child. The exit polls in the USA show unequivocally that Clinton & Gore were elected over Bush or Perot by a preponderance of the votes of women, youth and minorities.

Patriarchy or matriarchy. Here is a quote from Paul's Epistle 1 Timothy 2:11-12: " I permit no woman to teach nor to have authority in the councils of men, but to remain silent". Why did he say this?

It is the wise, not the popular who should be elected, and it is the wise, not the popular who should be voting, and it is the wise, not the popular who should fill, at least, the upper houses.

This reversal of righteousness, this deification of witchcraft is the first cause in the creation of the playboys, wise guys, homosexuals, lesbians, molesters, fornicators and the multitude of emasculated entities.

The suicide rate for boys between 10 & 19 is up 200% from 1960, the suicide rate for young men between 20 and 29 is up 350% in the same time period. Its about time to wake up. Can you list the cardinal virtues? Can you list the theological virtues? Why can't you. Isn't co-ed no-ed ?

When Christ instructed His followers to pray for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE) He meant that mankind could and would evolve into a paradise as was God's original intention for Eden 1. The foundation for this was accomplished by Christianity and Canada and The United States Of America were the growth stage of this process.

Canada and The United States Of America were evolving these circumstances and to a great extent living them until external influences outlined above conspired with us to fall in 1913 and 1917. It is important to clearly understand this if we wish to rectify the forces opposed to the KOHOE and the True Family model which rectifies the Adam/Eve history of fallen mankind.

That mission, and sacred trust of all the "New World's" was to protect the foundation and growth stages of the KOHOE for mankind would do the right, given the right set of circumstances, due to the force of our original mind's desire to please God and others, and the intrapersonal directive force of one's own conscience. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is this conduct in these circumstances. Women and youth must repent of the vote. As woman has usurped the ballot box, man may pick- up the cartridge box, as Ruby Ridge, Waco, Montana & Oaklahoma prove beyond a reasonable doubt!


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