Unification News for September 1996


A Desire from the Heart Fulfilled

by Jerry Tamayo-Kyonggi Do, Korea

Steve and I were blessed in 1982. For me to receive the blessing was in itself a miracle! I believe this because for me to be blessed, someone would have to sacrifice their ability to have a child, because I was not able to conceive one. My blessing was given to me through a volunteer spirit. Father had Dr. Pak explain to a group of brothers about my situation and asked if someone could volunteer to be blessed to me. Steve without any hesitation ran forward with his whole heart and mind willing to receive me for his eternal mate. To this day I thank Heavenly Father for my husband and I thank my husband for his sacrifice. In 1987 another blessing was given to us and that was an offering of a blessed child. We were approached by a blessed couple which knew my husband and our circumstances. They eagerly offered to bear a child for us. It was a dream come true. Through the nine months, we were able to talk with, pray with and become close to the birth family. We went through many emotions and experiences together. I could touch her belly and speak to my child inside her; she allowed me to experience the pregnancy with her as much as I was able to. In Sept. 1988 we became the proud parents of a baby boy. At his birth I held his birth mother in my arms and told her, "You have not only given birth to our son but you have given birth to me; to are the substantiation of my God. Thank you with all my heart." And even these words did not express everything I felt that day and every day since. Being given the blessing to create the four position foundation in our family once must have satisfied our desire to be parents. And Sung Min is a very loving and bright boy filled with heart and creativity, and he brings us and our Heavenly Father so much joy beyond a parent's dream. Also, we not only see Sung Min as our son but truly as a gift to us of Heavenly Father's trust in us to raise His son. Yet, inside our parental minds we long so desperately for another child. And this is crazy, for how can I even begin to presume that someone would once again want to share their womb with me and help me to conceive again? Yet, I can't help myself but to reach out in desperation one more time to see if that someone is there who could do so. Sung Min also always asks, "Mom, isn't there someone who would like to help us and give us another child?" He too longs so much for a brother or sister. Sung Min has talked about it so often that I finally decided to try this method to let people know our longing with hope that perhaps someone will respond. Please realize that I know the incredible sacrifice I am asking someone to make. I am not writing this article without this understanding. I am writing out of a deep desire to add more love to our family and to have a sibling for Sung Min. I know there are families who raise just one child and are unable to have more. My family may be such a family. But maybe not?

Our present mission, which we hope to continue in for a long time to come, is here in Korea. We manage the care and education of the blessed children who come here to study Korean at our Sun Hwa Arts School (Little Angels) founded by our True Parents. In this program are children who have graduated 6th grade and who have qualified after applying and passing an exam and interview taken in America and European countries. The goal of the program is for children to learn Koran and to deep and develop a more serious spiritual life. In actuality this program was created by Father in order for our children to learn Korean, Korean culture and Father's heart, as well as to be able to know the founding spirit of our movement and to broaden their western minds with eastern understanding. Here our blessed children discover how truly awesome it is to be a blessed child, and prepare to become world leaders. It's a fantastic program and it gets better all the time! Steve and I have been here for two years but we made a minimum commitment of 15 years when we applied. With God's blessing we will be able to fulfill it.

Please feel free to contact us at any time of day or night. Following is our address, home phone number and Fax:

Steve and Jerry Tamayo, Sun Hwa Dormitory, Sutaek Dong 437, Kuri City, Kyonggi Do, South Korea, 471-030.

Hm: 011-82-346-65-3797 Fax: 011-82-2-456-5744


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