Articles From the April 1995 Unification News


Hunsokdong - The House Where Father Was Born

On February 16 we left at 8:15 a.m. on the school bus for Hunsokdong to go visit the house where True Father lived when he was a high school student. The house is very simple with one floor and had a small courtyard in the middle of it. When we arrived, the caretaker of the house gave us a short speech about what happened when True Father first came here in 1938 when he was eighteen years old. It was the first time Father had ever left his hometown. Of course, Father had already received his mission, so he came here with big dreams.

We then visited the room where Father lived while a student at Kong Song Sang Dong High School. There were pictures of True Father with his friends, students, and his family. Afterwards we walked outside through the streets and climbed to the top of a small hill overlooking Seoul. This is the place that Father would come to pray by himself or with other Christians during his high school days. When we reached the top, we prayed together for several minutes. Every time I go to a heavenly place like Hunsokdong, I always feel some strong emotion inside of me. But, when we first came here, I didn't really feel any strong feeling nor understand the value of this place where Father had lived. Then when we prayed together, I was reminded of what I had once read about Father's life and suddenly and unexpectedly I began to shed tears. Through this experience I could gain a deeper understanding of the importance of this place and it made the trip to Hunsokdong a much more meaningful experience.


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