Articles From the April 1995 Unification News


Articles from the April 1995 Unification News

For a Friend

Come to the Wedding in August
The Bride and Bridegroom await you,
Your bride (or bridegroom) awaits you,
Come to affirm your own faith
In God . . . In humanity
In true love . . .
In yourself . . . and your holy "other"
Come to thank God for life--
Even in this world
of pain and suffering
Knowing . . . at last . . . knowing
How truly holy and divine
you are . . .
A husband or wife
A brother or sister
A parent--a child
Of one family,
One world
Come, come to your wedding,
This August
Occasion of dedication
For world peace . . .
For world peace . . .
For true world peace . . .
Forevermore. Amen.

E. G. Pierson, Falls Church, VA


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