Articles From the April 1995 Unification News


Tribal Messiahship From a Distance

by Sebastian & Mereth Huemer-Barrytown, NY

A meeting for European members and their spouses will be held on Sunday, May 7, 1985 from 11:30 to 1:30, just prior to the UTS Spring Open House at the Seminary. Dr. Jean Pierre Faure will speak on "French Politics in America." True Father has mentioned in several speeches that members should make an effort to build relationships with people of their own ethnic backgrounds.

One couple, Dietrich and Elizabeth Seidel, have been making efforts in that direction. In addition to making friends with people of their own nations, Austria and France, they have been teaching German and French, respectively. Dietrich teaches at a night school program in his local area and Elizabeth teaches her students privately, for a fee, at home. Last Christmas they had a European cultural evening in their new home and sang German and French carols with their students and ethnic friends. They are starting a European Association for the Mid-Hudson Valley area.

A European members meeting was held last year at the UTS Open House (1994). About 30 people attended. Guido Lombardi spoke about True Father's directions to him personally to build "Ethnic Church." Discussions centered around forming a European Association, a group to support and inspire each other in our unique situation. Topics under consideration for this year include, how to conduct the Hometown Providence while living so far away from our Abel Tribe, and how to prepare for our eventual return to "Hometown." Often national characteristics and certain indemnities connected to nationality are found in our Blessings, so it helps to be able to talk and realize that others have similar experiences.

We found an interesting way to look at the situation of foreign members working in America. An Austria, which has 9 federal states, they consider their citizens who live abroad, to make up the 10th state. The history, culture, and national character of our home countries is an important part of who we a re and the person to whom we are Blessed. It is essential for us to reconnect with our roots and to pass the good things of our respective cultures on to our children so they will more fully know who they are and what peculiar traits they might have to resolve as they grow up within the larger Unification community.

All those who are part of a "European family" are welcome to attend the meeting on May 7 at the Seminary. Please bring a picnic lunch with you, with a little extra to share. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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