Articles From the April 1995 Unification News


Congratulatory Message at Holy Wedding

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

Beloved Kwon Jin Nim and Hwa Yun Nim,

Beloved Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim

It is my deep honor to extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes, on behalf of the worldwide membership of the Unification Church, and on behalf of our friends and leaders from various nations and religions of the world.

Your Holy Wedding gives us hope and joy because we behold the expansion of God's Kingdom and the blossoming of His original ideal in your Holy Union.

We congratulate you in this moment because you are glorifying True Parents and showing the precious way of filial love and obedience to all of us.

In your Holy Wedding, we witness the global expansion of the royal family. Many of us gathered here remember our humble beginnings in the tiny, two-room church in Seoul. At that time, none of us could ever have believed that we would witness the Holy Wedding of True Children who are natural-born American citizens.

Now, we see this amazing record of True Love and your beautiful humility, which brings America to the threshold of a bright new dawn. True Parents' first American-born son and daughter are receiving the Blessing of Heavenly Father in this holy place.

In this glorious moment may we once again offer our congratulations, with joy and gratitude. May God's eternal love fill your lives and your families ever more abundantly together, in the fathomless love of our True Parents.

(Rev. Kwak is Chairman and President of HSA-UWC)


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