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Vision of North Korea Surrendering to True Parents

by Ronald E. Pine
Experienced in 1972


This vision was given to me during a Sunday service. The service was being held while on an outing at the ocean on a beach near Washington, D.C. The service was led by Bill Torey sometime in 1972. While Bill was speaking, my spiritual eyes were opened by God and the vision I will now describe in detail was shown to me.


I saw myself in South Korea along with 3,000 Unification Church members. We were gathering together getting on buses and heading north. While driving north we began hearing the sounds of war, guns being fired, bombs dropping, etc., and we saw American soldiers running and retreating in every direction. As we kept on driving north, I began to see us approaching a range of mountains; on top of them was the American army engaged in a pitched battle with the North Korean army. I could see people dying everywhere; the situation was in complete turmoil.

American soldiers tried to stop us from driving on so all of us got off the buses and began walking up a narrow mountain road. We were following True Parents and the road led directly up the mountainside and through the main battle lines of the American army. At the same time I could see many soldiers dying all around us and they were trying to tell us to go back or we would all be killed, too. None of us staying with True Parents were being hurt. Some of the members, however, became afraid and tried to run away and were immediately killed.

When we reached the crest of the mountains, I saw to my right side up on top of another hill many people from the media. They were taking pictures of us and reporting this extraordinary event to the American people through the newspapers. I also saw my parents along with the parents of other UC members meeting the American president and demanding our rescue. At this time I then saw American bombers coming and the American army stopped retreating with the battle line now being held. The retreat was stopped because of the newspaper articles reporting about us possibly being killed. This the American people would not allow. At this time the American army battle lines gave way and we then marched through and on down the hillside. So we were marching behind True Parents directly into gunfire from the North Koreans. After we got in front of the American soldiers and were in between the North Korean and American armies, Father ordered us to sit down circling around him and Mother. We did so and stayed there for three days and nights singing and praying. During this time some members ran away and were consequently killed.

After the three-day period, True Parents stood up and said we will now march forward to Pyongyang. In a faithful manner we all stood up and began marching towards the North Korean battle line. I was in the front line marching on the far right side. I saw the Koreans shooting at us; however, the bullets did not hit anyone. They simply went around and killed the American soldiers who were following us as we marched forward. As we got closer and closer, I could actually see the Koreans aiming and shooting directly at us. They began realizing the bullets were going around us and killing the American soldiers. It was amazing; they kept firing at point-blank range and could not kill us. When we finally got within a few feet of their front line, the Koreans began throwing down their guns. Their battle line collapsed and we kept marching forward. The Korean soldiers began to join us and they started marching behind us. At that time their officers began to kill their own soldiers for dropping their guns and joining our ranks. The North Koreans quickly turned and immediately killed their own officers.

By now the battle was completely over. The entire North Korean army dropped their guns and followed our small group of 3,000 members with True Parents at our center. We continued to march another three days towards Pyongyang. Both the North Korean and American armies were following us. Just before reaching Pyongyang, I saw an airplane flying towards China with Kim Il Sung on board. We then reached the city's central plaza and held a celebration rally, after which time True Father said we will now march on to China.

This is the end of my vision. I then began to become aware that the church service was still going on. After the service I did not tell anyone of this. I have only told the story a few times in 22 years. However, I have now decided to write it down for the sake of posterity. This then is the first written version that has been put on paper, written down March 2, 1994.

At the time of this vision there were only 1680 couples Blessed worldwide.


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