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Internet News Group

Dear Editor:

I am writing regarding the article by Mr. Dallas Stafford which appeared in the March issue of the Unification News.

I was very happy to learn from the article about Internet access to the virtual community of the Unificationist. Unfortunately, when I tried to subscribe to all the wonderful mailing lists that were offered, I kept getting bounces from the addresses. (e.g. is an unknown host). I have tried writing directly to Mr. Stafford ( but my e-mail also bounced. I managed to sent two letters to but I have received no reply from him.

I would be very grateful if you could investigate this matter to check if there is an mistake in Mr. Strafford's article, or if there is something that I have overlooked. I am longing to receive Father's speeches and also DP texts through the Internet and then to share them with thousands of other Internet users.

Thank you for your excellent job with the Unification News (it never fail to inspire me!)

Kamal Mustapha, University of Bridgeport

Dallas Stafford replies (over the Internet):

I have had 4 replies to the article so far. The mail bounced for anything but I just got the dedicated connection up and running but I've got to fix the mail server. I was pre-mature on the article but it is pushing me to do this project so that is good. I'm manually redirecting all mail to everyone. It will be OK for now. Subscribers should send mail to and include the name of the list they want to subscribe to in the body of the message.


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