Articles From the April 1994 Unification News


Hyo Jin Nim in California

by Rick Joswick-Los Angeles

March 23, 1994 was a very exciting day for Los Angeles, for this was the day we welcomed Hyo Jin Nim to the USC campus to deliver the now world-famous speech, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Every one of the 400 seats was filled and people were sitting in the aisles and standing at the back. The air was tense with excitement and also intrigues because the Cult Awareness Network was outside the theater trying to thwart God's efforts to make this a successful event and some of them were inside preparing to disrupt the speech.

Keith McCarthy, who is our member and also the chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, served as the MC. He did a fine job "making the way straight" for the Lord's son. The musical entertainment was provided by a very exciting group of 12 singing and dancing teenagers named Kids' Power, produced by our close friend Barry Fasman, former producer of the television show Fame. The did three songs and, as they finished they had the crowd inspired and energized, ready to receive the word of God.

Hyo Jin Nim came to the podium confident and greeted the audience warmly; he then began to speak. As he spoke, he reminded us a lot of Father with his deep and slightly raspy voice. The audience was completely attentive and members were very supportive, preventing any problem from developing with members of CAN who were in the audience. The speech was very moving and successful. Thirteen guests signed up for workshop that night.

After the speech, Hyo Jin Nim invited us to Pasadena House. He spoke to us for one hour about his vision for the media and for the Manhattan Center Studios. He also gave us a lot of spiritual guidance. First, he stressed the importance of taking responsibility to develop our uniqueness and creativity to contribute to God's kingdom on earth. Also, he spoke about how we must become professional and the best at whatever we choose to do. He talked about the necessity to be humble in all circumstances so God can really use us. He discussed the importance of doing everything we do for our Parents.

The next morning I had the honor of attending breakfast with Hyo Jin Nim and a few other members. This was the highlight of his visit for me. He reminded me so much of Father in his gestures and his passionate way of expressing himself. Again he emphasized being humble and being a good object so God can truly use us in every situation.

Reemphasizing the importance of taking dominion over the media, he explained his plans to create a powerful TV network made up of members of the movement. He gave us a very exciting, hopeful and farreaching vision for the future.

We are all grateful that Hyo Jin Nim could come to Los Angeles. When he finished, he warmly shook our hands and assured us he would be back soon.


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