Articles From the April 1994 Unification News


Religious Scholars on CAN and its Activities

"It is dangerous to tamper with the minds, hearts and souls of religious people, and deprogrammers doing it for rich financial rewards are tampering with everyone's religious liberty." The Reverend Billy Graham:.

"Forcible deprogramming is the most serious stain on religious liberty facing this country in the latter half of the 20th. century." The Reverend Dean M. Kelley, Counselor on Religious Liberty, National Council of Churches.

"Deprogramming must be exposed and wiped out. It's terrorism." Dr. J. Gordon Melton, Director, Center for the Study of American Religion.

"These deprogrammings CAN supports are nothing more than religious terrorism akin to KKK violence in the past." The Reverend Dr. Leo Champion, Executive Director, Committee on Religious Liberty.


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