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Witnessing Through Cable Television

by Ronald E. Pine--Sacramento, CA

The subject of using cable television to air the Divine Principle is not a new idea. However, I believe what I'm doing here in Sacramento may well prove innovative. What I have done is to put several of True Parents documentary video's on our local cable station. Each of these tapes also has my local telephone number and address. Furthermore, I have been handing out flyers that talk about the up-coming 360,000 couple Blessing. The flyer also includes the schedule for the various video's being aired. (see sample flyer).

Can you imagine how exciting it is for my family to set and watch True Mother's 1993 world tour on cable television and then have someone call and say I would like to have more information about Reverend and Mrs. Moon! Well this is exactly what has happened! Here in Sacramento our local cable station reaches 200,000 homes. So, don't you think Spiritual World can mobilize people to be watching at the exact time we place True Parent videos on? Well this has been my experience so far. Though a small number of calls have come in, still the idea works. Moreover, we are just simply showing this aligning world Father and Mothers real heart and worldwide works.

I would like to tell you about the history of the flyer you see in this article. To begin with after developing the my version I faxed a copy to Jin-Sung Moon. After reading it Jin-Sung Nim call me and suggested a few changes so we conspired a few times by telephone and fax and what you now see is his edited version. I tell you brother and sisters, it is really inspiring to get calls from East Garden. For me that's the equivalent of having a re-birth experience. The reason I saying this is to point out that True Children care about what we are doing and want to support our efforts. The question is, are we really trying to Witness and bring both members and promote True Parents position in the public arena?

So, now that I have these wonderful witnessing tools to work with. God has inspired me to put True Parents videos on Cable Television, hand out flyers that promote the up-coming 360,000 couple Blessing and then simply follow-up with the prepared people who respond. This is a dream come true my only desire is that the techniques I'm pioneering here in Sacramento can be duplicated all over America. That hundreds of you, my brothers and sisters in faith, can use True Parents videos, Blessing Flyers, Find Your Ideal Mate advertisement etc., as tools to expand your out-reach.

The advent of cable television is in our hands now, all we have to do is use it properly. I truly hope some of you out their can take these ideas and improve upon them. What better way is their for us to proclaim True Father as the Messiah than letting millions of people watch True Mother's worldwide tour, the 30,000 couple Blessing and Father's biography on cable television.

Video's Aired to Dated:

1. The Great Victory of the True Parents & the Completed Testament Age, produced in Korea with English duped in.

2. The 1st World Culture and Sports Festival August 19-30th 1992.

3. Hyo-Jin Moon's video on AIDS.

4. Reverend Moon's Biography, produced by Hyo-Jin Moon (this is the introduction video used in last years True Children's tour.)

5. Assault on Freedom -- Produced by The Coalition For Religious Freedom.

6. The new CIS "Wings of Change" video recently released from Russia.

7. Reverend Moon the Peacemaker Unifier.

8. Faith and Reality.

9. Price of Freedom--God & Freedom Banquet.

10. The Leadership Conference--January 2, 1992 (Only the portion where the three Christian leaders are supporting True Father)

Gay mistake

I delivered a copy of Richard Choen's "Healing Homosexuality" to be aired by Access Sacramento. Surprisingly, Access mistakenly aired Richard's one hour tape "Healing Homosexuality" in the time slot designated for the Gay & Lesbianism Hour. The next day many homosexual's called and complained if Access makes this mistake again they will stop airing their weekly video's! Also, the Access manager (Kim) complained to me for not describing in detail what this tape was all about. She even asked me not to air the video again. At the same time another manager came in the room and said Kim has no right to stop us from airing this tape and that's Kim's statement is censorship.

After the one hour presentation of Richard's program I also included True Father's 12 minute biography video(currently being used at the True Children Tour). So you can imagine, thousands of people who normally watch Gay & Lesbian one hour talk show are now viewing Richard's teaching about True Love, how God heals through the ideal family and True Father's life story with scenes of the 30,000 couple blessing. This really gives God another victory! Right after the taped aired a person called me and said we wants to learn more about Richard Choen and will consider Reverend Moon's teachings.

My conclusion is, when we go forward, follow God's calling we never now how the Spiritual World will work. How can I possibly know or foresee when I dropped off Richard's video that the Access manager would mistakenly air this video in the Gay & Lesbian weekly one hour time slot?

Update on advertising

For those who read my article "Advertising and the Heart to Witness" [UNews, December 1993] you should know some members are now using the Ideal Mate ad. They have called to tell me they have successfully found contacts by running the ad. So, members are calling and asking how they can follow up? Isn't that wonderful! Other UC members can find spiritual children by placing a simple Ideal Mate advertisement in the dateline section of their local newspaper.

Another good news, one UC member called me and said he read a newspaper ad originally written by Dr. Edwin Ang and soon after joined. Of course Dr. Ang's ad was being used in 1975. But the message is still the same. We can find prepared people if we reach out and allow the Spiritual World to work.

If you need help or encouragement to use these media tools, please contact me, I will be more than happy to help you. Call or write to :

Ronald E. Pine
4241 Florin Road, Suite 75
Sacramento, CA, 95823
(916) 395-1735

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