Articles From the February 1994 Unification News


WFWP Active in Wisconsin

by Marian North--Milwaukee, WI

Renee Thompson, who is doing tribal messiahship in Wisconsin with her husband Caleb and family, had an inspiration of children working for world peace. The Wisconsin branch of Women's Federation for World Peace had this as their theme when their choir sang at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Janesville on Dec. 11, 1993.

The senior citizens' home in Janesville is run by the Sisters of Charity. Sister Ann, who is the head of the home, received a handmade photograph frame. Mrs. Sakaguichi made the frame and her eldest daughter presented it to Sister Ann.

The choir was made up of children from the Sakaguichi, Holmquist, Vetterli, Porter and Thompson families. Jeff Porter provided musical accompaniment. A beautiful atmosphere was created by the Blessed children through their singing and then presenting a flower to each of the elderly people. After the event the mothers took the children out for a special treat so they can sense the greatness of giving.

Women and Media

A Christmas tea held in the Wesley Room of Kenwood United Methodist Church in Milwaukee on Saturday, Dec. 18 provided the occasion for the final WFWP event for Milwaukee area for 1993. Those who gathered were addressed by Jeanetta Robinson, a legend in Milwaukee for her work with young people in whatever way God has called her. Together with her mother, Sister Robinson is a landmark person in Milwaukee, a beacon of hope for all young people and a strong voice for God- centeredness as the means for finding the solutions to the violence and destruction that threaten to rip the city apart.

Her topic, "Women, World Peace and the Media," was addressed in such a way that it became a matter of challenge to all present to take responsibility for the future of the city and the state. As hostess to a well-known Milwaukee TV program, Sister Robinson is well qualified to speak to the topic from the media perspective as well as being a woman of peace.

In her own life she has overcome the resentment that could engulf someone whose daughter and granddaughter were senselessly murdered and has found in all her experiences a means to bring her closer to God and to be more empowered by him. The congruency of her life - a life where word and deed are an echo and comment on each other - made her challenge to all present all the confronting. There is nothing we cannot do when we walk together with God, fight together for God and, above all, love as God loves.

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