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From an interview with Dr. Don Sills, Vienna, VA
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Dr. Sills, among many other things, is a Baptist minister and Chaplain of the World Conference of Mayors. Here he talks about his prayer life.

I want to hear Him and have Him know more about me. We have a Conversation - He can speak to my heart and I can know we've got a good conversation going. It's helpful to read His manual. I want to know Him - not just what He's created. When I look at a butterfly, I don't think of the butterfly, but of why He would have created the butterfly.

I want to have that personal relationship. Many take God off His throne and make Him a buddy-buddy, but I feel we have to maintain His sovereignty and majesty. We too often make God a servant with a shopping list kind of prayer. Prayer is intimate conversation. It's like talking with my wife - I want to know HER better. I'm fascinated by what she does but I want to know what's inside - her heart, feelings, and motives. God desires intimacy too. Many people keep saying Lord, or Heavenly Father over and over, but when you talk to your spouse, you don't keep repeating his/her name. Many don't have an intimate relationship with God - or with their family. They don't touch or hug or make themselves vulnerable. As far as intercessory prayer - it's again like conversation with my wife. Someone comes to mind and I may ask how they are doing, what do they need, how can we help. "Lord, thank You for bringing that person to my mind. I ask that You be with them and help them.''

There are as many different prayers as there are conversations.


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