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Portable Prayer Book

Contributed by Gillian Corcoran, Houston, TX
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I wanted to share this idea with you as I've found it so useful in my life. In a "brag book" or other small photo album I put the names of all the different people I'm praying for, with different categories on different pages, e.g., family and relatives, home church contacts, potential spiritual children (put this at the end as we're hopefully always adding to this), etc. I include a few photos too, e.g., one of True Parents at the front with the names of the True Family, my existing spiritual children, their spouses and children.

The "resting place" for this handy little book is in the bathroom. Then every time I have a few minutes to sit, without children or any other intrusions, I pick up my book and pray for people. I now really value my trips to the smallest room! Plus if you go away for a weekend or something, it's easy to take along with you.

I find it a much more effective way to send loving, healing, supporting prayers to these people than trying to pray for them all at once at the end of a long and busy day! (I'm sure we've all experienced those half asleep, half-awake prayers when seven minutes somehow turns into 21 through sleepiness!)

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