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Manhattan Center War Stories - Tradition In The Workplace

By Tony Francisco - NYC

Sometimes a word or a statement has the feel of a closed fist, or the power of a bullet. I was struck just the other day. the spoken words hit me and sent me spinning. They brought on a sense of judgment, then sober reflection, then quickly hope and joy. I won't keep you in suspense longer then necessary, but a storyteller, like a fisherman has to chum a little to catch his prize.

I was walking through sector five, and as I passed Joe Longo's office, I heard him angrily say, Never Underestimate Father's Children, Any Of Them!

It would seem like such an obvious thing, so easy to understand and reason out. Father and Mother are the wisest, most faithful, most courageous and victorious man and woman who ever walked the earth. They have virtually redefined and recreated both the spiritual and physical worlds single-handedly. Therefore the children of this remarkable man and woman inheriting their foundation, must also certainly be beyond our ability to assess and judge. I want to state that again because it's important "Beyond Our Ability To Assess And Judge".

Perhaps it's that very simplicity that causes problems. For our life, after all, is one complex, challenging situation after another, (or it should be if your living it properly), and it's easy sometimes to lose sight of the bigger picture. I think it's the same way with our relationship with God and spirit world, We say we believe absolutely and we want to believe absolutely and when we're deep in prayer there is no other reality. But when we open our eye's and find ourselves transported to these fallen bodies and in this fallen environment, that certainty is a little different somehow.

Watching Hyo Jin Nim work relentlessly day after day, seeing his vision grow and take shape against almost impossible odds with very little support, is a sure remedy for this ailment. "This is war" he likes to say and anybody who does not think so, well, I feel sorry for you. Hearing him speak those words and watching him closely you begin to understand that for him the words are not mere imagery.

When I say watching him work or listening to him speak, I don't mean analyzing or assessing. I mean watching like a younger brother watches his favorite elder brother in hopes of learning and imitating. As in "Wow, look what he's doing now!", "Hey look how he's doing that!", or "Uh oh.... he's angry I'd better shape up!". Again, it's such a simple thing. We are a people of tradition, and these are our ways.

As with all the members of the True Family, when that subject-object dynamic is set up God has a new position to manifest and express himself through, Something that has never existed on the face of the earth before. With Hyo Jin Nim as the True eldest son, the joy and excitement of watching that unfold is beyond words. And even though Hyo Jin Nim is the kindest, warmest, and most fair leader I've ever had inside or outside the church, the ferocity and diversity with which that position expresses itself is unique, absolute and sometimes frightening to behold. War indeed and on many fronts all at the same time.

Hyo Jin Nim has been working tirelessly for quite a while now in the realms of sound and vision, using these art forms to slowly create a new culture and thereby, influence and recreate the environment. He's been misunderstood and second guessed for so long now I wonder if any one, even those who walk closest with him, really know him or understand.

Once when speaking to his staff so seriously he stopped in mid sentence, closed his eyes and in a quiet raspy voice he whispered "You listen so casually to the words I speak, in the time to come you will regret it" He reminded me so very much of Father then, so long past lonely, so very far down the road we could barely begin to relate to him.

I am just a simple man, I do security and building management at Manhattan Center. I like to look at things in a simple way.

This is war and I am just a soldier. Through some incredible grace and good fortune I find myself working with the True Family and even though I don't have much of an education Hyo Jin Nim has given me some tools and a lot of encouragement and asked me to develop my writing skills. I have no words to express my gratitude for his faith and trust in me. Even he gives away his personal belongings without a moments hesitation if he feels it will make a difference. I saw him give away his favorite guitar once, to a brother who showed interest and ability in music . For besides trying to recreate the environment, he's also giving all of himself to help us in recreating ourselves. Trying to nurture us and push us and beat on us so that we can become true artists and true businessman true electricians or whatever our callings may be. Hoping that one day we might bring to the level of art, all walks of life. More importantly he pushes us to be true husbands and wives and parents to our own families and tribes.

My deepest moments with Hyo Jin Nim are not when his words are soft and comforting. Actually, it's just the opposite, when he confronts my immaturity in that fierce way of his, I have the most incredible, sacred experience. After the storm of his anger passes, and I balance myself, I feel so uplifted, I gain deep insight into myself, adjustments are made deep into my being all the way back through my ancestors. I believe firmly in this, it is not just a way of talking, it's a real thing and I know many others who share the same feeling.

I want to put that out there as a response to what I've been hearing and reading lately from some of our members, they who feel there is no place in the kingdom for this kind of elder brother type scolding or strong language or discipline in general. As if True Love itself should not conform to the principle and just be feminine and warm and embracing. They tend to be Western, white, privileged background type characters. To them I say this. What will you do if the Kingdom of Heaven and the True Family turn out to be different than you imagined? Will that be okay with you or will you demand that they change to fit your concept? Or will you do as the Israelites did to Jesus or the Christians did to Father, and simply not believe and walk away. Never Underestimate Fathers Children, Any Of Them!

The true family are one. Sun Jin Nim came to Manhattan Center recently for a few days and I was fortunate enough to spend some time around her. The dynamic was the same. She was so quick and so intuitive, she could see through things very deeply almost instantly. And even though I am more then twice her age, because of her lineage and position she had access to wisdom and knowledge that were beyond her years. And beyond my ability to assess.

I know the name of the original guitar player for the Rolling Stones, and how to repair a 208 volt heater, and these are skills or knowledge that I could offer up to her if she needed them, but they are just external trappings, and in no way change our positions. For in that situation, clearly I was from Fathers Cain tribe, and her position was subject and elder to my position. And she occupied that position with a fierce grace and charm.

In closing I'll say this. We are a people of tradition. these are our ways. Welcome to the war.

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