Articles From the February 1994 Unification News


Reverend Moon Appoints New Leadership for the American Church

by Dr. Tyler O. Hendricks - NYC

At the close of the series of meetings in January at Cheju Island, Korea, Rev. Sun Myung Moon changed the positions of most of the Korean elders who guide the Unification Church in America.

To bequeath the true tradition of the True Parents, Rev. Moon entrusts the church throughout the world into the hands of Korean elders. Most of these elders have been in the church for over thirty years, and have worked under Rev. Moon's direct guidance all of that time. Most began their church life during their high school years, pioneering in Korea, and have worked most of their life as Unification Church missionaries and ministers.

Of the greatest national significance was the assignment of Rev. Joong Hyun Pak to the position of Continental Director for the Unification Church of North America. Reverend Pak has served in America since 1975, and this will be his third time to be assigned to church leadership in New York.

Several of our beloved Regional Directors have been assigned to new mission fields. Rev. Sung Il Kim, Regional Director of Boston, and Rev. Chong Young Yoo, Regional Director of Denver, have been assigned to major roles in the church in Japan, overseeing the northern and southern halves of Japan respectively. Both have extensive experience with the church in Japan, but will be sorely missed in America.

Rev. Chae Hee Lee, Regional Director of Texas, was assigned a teaching and chaplaincy position at Sung Hwa University in Korea. Rev. Lee holds a doctorate in religion from America, having written and published his dissertation on liberation theology. His deep heart and spirit also will be missed in America.

Rev. Zin Moon Kim, the National Advisor of the American Church and Regional Director of the New York Region, was made the Assistant Director of the World Mission Department in New York. Rev. Moon also indicated his long-term desire to see Rev. Kim work in the field of education for world peace. Rev. Kim is one of our top educators, being an expert in the field of Unification Thought and Divine Principle internal guidance. He has extensive experience with our missions in Africa and southeast Asia as well.

Rev. Jin Hee Yu, Regional Director of Seattle, is suffering from a bout of illness, and was not assigned, pending his recovery. Rev. Yu has a diabetic condition, and we pray for his speedy recovery and return with full energy to the front line.

Three Regional Directors have been reassigned to their present positions: Rev. Chong Jik Woo in Washington, DC, Rev. Jong Bok Hong in Chicago and Rev. Sung San Lee in Los Angeles. Rev. Hong is given the additional mission to educate members in Christian evangelism, and Rev. Lee has been given the additional mission of Director of Ocean Church. Both Rev. Hong and Rev. Lee have been outstanding in these fields in their home regions over the past few years.

Rev. Do Hee Park, Regional Director of Atlanta, has moved to the Regional Directorship of the mid-Atlantic Region, centering in New Jersey. This is fortuitous, as his eldest son is very active with the Manhattan Center educational activities reaching to the second generation.

A number of younger Korean leaders have entered the field as full- fledged Regional Directors. In Boston, Rev. Jae Suk Kim is promoted from Assistant to Regional Director. Atlanta is welcoming Rev. Young Shik Ahn, formerly the Assistant Director in Los Angeles. Minneapolis will continue under the new Regional Director, Rev. Jong Suk Kim. In Denver, Rev. Ki Young Shin will assume Regional Directorship, moving from the Assistant's post in Atlanta. Dallas welcomes Rev. Dang Ok You, who was formerly Assistant Regional Director. And in Seattle, Rev. Won Keun Kim has been assigned to Regional Directorship, moving from the Assistant's position.

At the end of January, Reverend Moon created a new position, that of HSA-UWC Continental Director. There are six such positions worldwide, one of which is North America. Reverend Moon assigned Rev. Joong Hyun Pak to be the Continental Director for North America, based in New York City. Rev. Pak is also assigned to be the National Advisor of the American Church and the Regional Director of New York City Region 11, replacing Rev. Zin Moon Kim.

After pioneering work with the Unification Church, CARP and PWPA in Korea, Rev. Pak served as a missionary in Japan. Rev. Pak has served in New York through the 1970s and early 1980s as the Director of the Unification Church Performing Arts Department. He supported the mobilization for the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument campaigns, and oversaw the development of Manhattan Center and the World Mission Center as well as other church projects.

In 1983 he was among the first Korean elders to be assigned to be Regional Director, going as an itinerant to Boston, Denver, Seattle, and again to New York in 1988. In early 1991 he assumed the Regional Directorship of the mid-Atlantic Region 2, where he served until the new assignment.

Rev. Pak studied at Dong Kook University and Tong Il Theological Seminary in Korea, and received his Doctorate in Theology from Golden State University, California, in 1985. In 1993 he published a pastoral and theological treatise on the teachings of Jesus, entitled Joymakers: Rediscovering the Beatitudes.

On the evening of February 1, some 350 New York members gathered at the National Chapel at 4 West 43rd Street to bid farewell to Rev. Zin Moon Kim and welcome Rev. Joong Hyun Pak. Mrs. Christine Kung, WFWP Leader of Brooklyn, Rev. Wayne Miller of the Manhattan Church, and Mrs. Debby Gullery, Regional WFWP leader, each gave heartfelt testimonies to Rev. Kim's guidance and love. Following the bestowal of gifts and a plaque to Rev. Kim, the emcee, Dr. James Baughman, introduced Rev. Pak.

In Rev. Pak's address, he gave inspiration to the members based upon three major themes of his leadership for the new year: (1) Inheritance and Demonstration of True Parents' Tradition; (2) Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age; and (3) Establishment and Expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

At the close of the speech, Dr. Baughman presented Rev. Pak two symbols of the 1992 and 1993 foundation of the American Church. First was a plaque presented by True Mother to America commemorating the True Parents 57 city speaking tour, including Capitol Hill and the United Nations. Second was a very large volume commemorating the World Culture and Sport Festival, including the 30,000 Couple Blessing.

As the event closed, Rev. Kim and Rev. Pak greeted all members as they left the chapel. There was a very joyous atmosphere as we all set our souls in the direction of God's new dispensation.


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