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Personal Restoration Through the Process of Applied Restoration

by June Orland Kiburz - Westchester, IL

Desire for heaven and the state of our spirits or inner natures are like a fire that arises from within. Do you recall the words of the holy song, Song of Victory? "Brightly burn O Fire of Faith! Burn so brightly everywhere. Light of Hope, burn today, kindling every faithful heart?" We have tasted the true love of God and embraced the vision of our True Parents. As Tribal Messiahs we desire personal growth and completion and want to extend this to our families, tribes and the world. Yet I ask, "How are our inner fires doing? Are they burning gloriously so that all are attracted to the warmth and the light? Or are our fires small, smoldering flames, sputtering for life or about to go out altogether?"

When there is a pure supply of fuel and abundant oxygen, a fire flourishes. And with proper kindling and care a fire ignites quickly and illumines all in sight. Yet I have found with my own inner fire, that sometimes a "sludge" pours in, uninvited, and threatens to extinguish the flames. When my inner fire is gasping for air, I feel paralyzed and unable to contribute in the process of kingdom-building.

What is it, truly, that allows a personal spark to at least glimmer and sometimes burst into flame? The answer for me is clear: The grace of God, the Blessing given by True Parents and continued dialog with and response from God.

True Father has proclaimed the age of Tribal Messiahship and outlined three areas in which to fulfill: (1) restoration of ancestors (2) restoration of hometown (restoring the rights over everything that is connected to our parents - lineage, ownership and heart) and (3) restoration of God in us as human beings (restoration of heart). What can we do as Tribal Messiahs to hasten the process? How can we ensure glowing inner fires? Are there any tools or processes to remove the debris that can suffocate our inner fires?

The process of Restoring the Human Potential (RHP) came into my life nearly one year ago through Dr. Thomas Pearson. I have found it to be an excellent restoration tool that can be useful in fulfilling Tribal Messiahship. And I was deeply moved by the flow of requests from Unificationists in the United States as well as overseas to know more about this work in response to my article in Unification News of August 1993.

What Is Meant by Restoring the Human Potential?

What is RHP? It is an alternative medical procedure using clinical kinesiology; it is both a science and an art. Using the understanding from Divine Principle that each person is an individual truth body, a microcosm of the universe and the center of harmony of the invisible and visible substantial worlds, Restoring the Human Potential provides a highly refined tool that works with the body as if it were a biocomputer. The RHP process allows each individual to discover hidden capabilities and to touch his or her own inner essence. In this sense, it is an exquisite tool for clearing the blocks to mind/body unity. The beauty of the process is that it allows each individual to access whatever he or she is ready to work with. It has been my experience that applying this process to the course of restoration has the potential to enrich and transform our personal lives, our hometowns and our ancestors.

Here's how it works. RHP uses kinesiology, which involves neuromuscular testing and which allows a dialog with the essence of a person through his or her body. Special hand modes facilitate deeper communication with the mind-body system. A computer-type system manifests within and between the human essence, the human consciousness and the body; that is, it seems the human system uses a binary system as its language much like a computer does. This process allows the facilitator to read what may be blocking the inner self of the person from restoring wholeness. This work goes beneath any dysfunction (physical, spiritual or psychological) to explain the source of behavioral patterns, what may be missing, what may be required or what needs to be let go of. RHP examines the factors that destroy the core belief within a person. By experiencing the content of the inner self, and understanding and sensing the myriad life forces both within and outside of the self that influence, each person can change his or her state, behavior, communication with others and the quality of life with those around him or her.

There are a series of files that represent the language base used in the RHP process and these were mostly developed by a British practitioner in osteopathy and acupuncture, Solihin Thom, DO. Based on his study of the limitations, ancestral patterns and religious concepts that hindered his own development, Dr. Thom encountered similar patterns in his patients from his medical practice, patterns that prevented their own healing or coming into wholeness.

Beyond Isolation to the Restored Individual

The personal testimony of Thomas Pearson, entitled "Beyond Isolation," addresses some of the deeper points of restoration from the perspective of a 21-year American Unificationist, now a naturopathic doctor, who has tenaciously worked on his personal, family and tribal restoration. During the past year and a half, Dr. Pearson and his wife Etsuko traveled to Japan for five months and made three tours across America sharing the RHP work with the Pearson and Shibata tribe as well as Unificationists and non-Unificationists.

Dr. Pearson's personal journey and work have developed into the Process of Applied Restoration System (PAR-System). This work incorporates Thomas's naturopathic and homeopathic healing background with his understanding of the restoration providence of the completed testament as shown in his testimony, plus the work of Restoring the Human Potential. He is developing a new series of files called "Healing the Body of God" in conjunction with the work of other clinical kinesiologists, including Solihin Thom, DO, Laura Shumate, CK, and the late Alan Beardall, DC. Thomas has said, "This is very much a developing work that we are involved with, a work that improves continuously. There is an ambitious task being pursued in the creation of a 'new' science: the Science of Applied Restoration. Inasmuch as the domain of this science is any system that has involved human beings, the range is assuredly broad." Thomas encourages feedback on this developing research. Likewise, anyone with a serious desire can learn and utilize this system to aid in his or her own restoration process and extend the work to the tribal and community levels. Presently, there are many hundreds of Unificationists and non- Unificationists who have had deep experiences with this work. Introductory evening programs with demonstrations of the work, discussions of "Beyond Isolation" and personal sessions are presently available.

I'd like to encourage each of you to study Thomas's moving testimony. In "Beyond Isolation" he offers an in-depth look at the development of the victorious Jacob consciousness in the process of personal restoration, a poignant reminder of our goal of building one world family where reciprocal unity takes place through resolving Cain-Abel struggles. This is not a unity that is imposed by others but comes about through relationship. This kind of unity is essential if we as Unificationists are to build a national level to receive the Messiah. I was reminded that the reciprocal unity of brotherly and sisterly love is the Heavenly Kingdom that moved me forward on the path of restoration. The examination of Rebekah's faith and her vital position in restoration to lead the way, heartistically guiding her two sons to embrace, also was an inspiration to me.

In his testimony Thomas presents what he calls the "three points." Realization that I am not aware of my own inner contradiction is the first point in the restoration process. My mind and body are not united and therefore God cannot be present in my life. The second point has to do with the most poignant insight of the Principle: The result of the fall lives in me. That is to say, restoration occurs through my fulfilling Adam's (and Eve's) portion of responsibility. We know that this is only possible now because of the work of True Parents. The third point is that restoration takes place in relationship and not in isolation. The reminder here is the lesson of Cain and Abel: I am my brother's keeper in the restoration of heart.

Addressing why we become stuck in our spiritual growth is the work of PAR-System. The key is what Thomas calls the "missed point" in Divine Principle. This missed point appears only as we strive to fulfill our own portion of responsibility. It exists based on the law of 95 percent and 5 percent portions of responsibility for God and man, respectively. Without the consciousness of your missed point, stagnation and lack of spiritual growth result. The cost both to the spiritual lives of Unification members and in accomplishing the goals of our True Parents is incredible.

How Can I Learn More and Receive Sessions in the Process of Applied Restoration?

There are a growing number of practitioners of Restoring the Human Potential across the United States and Europe. At present several Unificationists in the United States offer sessions. Dr. Pearson's practice is in Connecticut and New York and he continues to travel. Thomas's personal testimony, "Beyond Isolation," RHP seminars and sessions are available. Please write to us with your questions, comments or requests: Jack and June Kiburz, 1801 Buckingham, Westchester, IL 60154.

Personal Testimonies

The following are a few of the many moving personal testimonies of the RHP work that have been offered. Many have been edited from much longer versions.

Freedom to be Myself

The kinesiology I experienced certainly was a mysterious process. I allowed Thomas Pearson to test different muscle reflexes in my arm and according to my body's response, different patterns of behavior were discovered. The patterns of behavior come from my ancestry, environmental influence and from all the different ways I've had to twist or bend in order to conform to life in the fallen world.

Recognition of my own behavioral patterns gave me freedom. I had pain at having illusions and defense mechanisms shorn away. But then came freedom to be ... myself. I could relate to others from a more honest place; through changing myself, there has been a change and deepening in relationships with acquaintances, relatives and brothers and sisters. In freeing myself, it has also freed others. - June Koga Canak (Reno, Nevada)

A Dialogue with Heavenly Father Present Restoring the Human Potential has been a very good experience for me. It was like having a dialogue between my inner essence and the practitioner, and most importantly through allowing Heavenly Father to be present.

I feel very much that Thomas was used by God to help me speed up the process of removing the little "black spots" of energy have hindered my spiritual growth and energy levels. Also, the experience has increased my understanding of my ancestors' situations and has helped to reinforce my original mind and intuitiveness. - Laura Blanksvard (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I Must Purify Myself

My experience with the Restoring the Human Potential has been a valuable tool for my growth and my understanding towards the self- purification to which Father has spoken. Being the skeptic, it was astounding to me that new insights and guidance came out of my spirit and body through this muscle testing or clinical kinesiology. This practice works to facilitate understanding and "healing" through relationship. It's just as Jesus said in Matthew 18:20: "For where two or more are gathered in my name then I am in the midst of them." There is a great deal of credibility of insight in allowing God to be present in the facilitator-client relationship.

Results of my sessions with Restoring the Human Potential have confirmed guidance given to me from Heung Jin Nim years ago and focused my prayer conditions for ancestral liberation. Besides being personally aided by my experience with Restoring the Human Potential, I have been able to minister to numerous brothers and sisters by practicing the Restoring the Human Potential system after taking a few seminars. I have sincerely felt the help of God in working with other people. People have begun to notice a change in me, that I am happier and more alive. So I feel grateful to God and True Parents and ready to proceed in the work of building the foundation to receive the Messiah in America. - Caleb Thompson (Janesville, Wisconsin)

My Victory Over Isolation

Our Unification Church has very high ideals as well as very lofty goals; however, I felt extremely ineffective in accomplishing those goals or living up to those ideals in my position of leadership in our small local church community. I had just about given up and felt that I didn't really belong in this world. Sad to say, I even hoped that God would take me soon to the next world.

I'm glad that He didn't. As a matter of fact, I believe that God sent Dr. Pearson into my life. I certainly didn't seek him out, and my initial reactions after our introduction ranged from mild curiosity to a kind of resigned suspicion. But what a change has occurred in my life!

Dr. Pearson discovered the spiritual or psychological cause of my isolation and offered the hand of true friendship to give me a boost out of that isolation. During our first session, he told me, "You have no idea how powerful this process is." He was right. I was revitalized and empowered on a deep level to an amazing extent. I had hope again.

At our second session, he recommended that I read, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey. The book is subtitled Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. The author shows how we can and must achieve certain personal victories as a foundation for public victory. Dr. Covey's book helped me understand where I had stopped growing and how to continue my growth by developing a truly principle- centered life. I recommend this book to anyone who is a frustrated member. I recommend Dr. Pearson as an able physician to anyone with either spiritual or physical ailments. I'm looking forward to and expecting great things from his continued help and friendship. - Bob Becker (Cincinnati, Ohio)

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

During my Restoring Human Potential session I felt like an automobile driver who knew that something was keeping his vehicle from moving forward but couldn't quite put his finger on the cause. Then someone said, "Hey! Your parking brake is on!" As with anyone in this kind of situation, it's kind of embarrassing. Even though we're heading in the right direction, there's something holding us back.

Just as Socrates asked questions to allow the truth to be revealed, so I found the RHP work enabled a conversation with me to reveal the truth that was previously unconscious to me.

Some doctors now claim that 80 to 85 percent of all disease is related to mind-body problems. Thomas Pearson is a doctor who knows the value of the mind-body dynamic. RHP is one of the therapies that has helped me to get better and keep getting better. Just as colon cleansing helps to rid the body of toxic wastes, RHP helps us to identify and eliminate what ails you.

What you don't know can hurt you. This work brought it all to a point and hit it on the head for me. Like a Paul Harvey commentary: Just when you think you've mastered the Principle, "Beyond Isolation" reveals the rest of the story. Suddenly my portion of responsibility became empowering rather than burdensome.

Thomas Pearson is one of the few central figures who could win my heart as Jacob did Esau's. I've known Thomas for 15 years and was always moved by his providential heart and desire. On New York MFT, Thomas's heart burned with desire to create a substantial foundation to receive True Parents. His forthrightness was always principled in that it was his sincere desire to help brothers and sisters. Now he is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and has authored an incredibly inspiring perspective on the Principle titled "Beyond Isolation." It is must reading for those serious about the providence of restoration. So if you feel your spiritual life is not moving forward and you don't know why, perhaps your parking brake is on and you need someone to let you know! - John Parker (Columbus, Ohio)

A Newly Found Enthusiasm and Passion for Life

I sincerely enjoyed my experience with the Restoring the Human Potential work introduced to me by Thomas Pearson over two years ago. I would recommend this work highly to anyone who is serious about wanting to change and who is willing to confront the obstacles that keep them from personal growth. I feel this work has helped me take charge of my spiritual growth. It's direct and to the point. An amazing aspect is that this work doesn't require any prior knowledge, simply the desire to learn and grow.

The first seminar I attended called "Your Inner Natures and the Life Forces" was a very liberating experience: it was an opportunity to share my deep thoughts and feelings in an open, honest and constructive way in a setting where there was no fear. The second seminar, Integrity of the Vessel, has helped me be aware of and understand my own life process much more deeply. For example, the defense mechanisms I've constructed since my early childhood due to a childhood trauma have led to my being a self-sufficient, analytical kind of person. Throughout my life it has been difficult to build deep friendships and to experience passion in my life. As a result of this work I've discovered I was not allowing "life" to come into my being; now I am aware and am growing in a newly found enthusiasm and passion for life and for working with others. Sharing the RHP work in sessions with others in my local area has been a life-giving and rewarding experience. - Tony Aparo (Omaha, Nebraska)

A Glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven

The merit of this completed testament age gives me great hope as I think of the unparalleled possibilities before us. With this inheritance, I always felt a hope that there would be a way for individuals to make drastic and lasting personal change in a short amount of time. I feel that my hope has now been realized substantially, through the work that Dr. Pearson has shared with me. I was actively searching for a pathway for personal growth because I was no longer happy and satisfied with my inner state. Experiences which used to give me energy and power no longer held much meaning. I felt I was unable to give fully to my husband and our daughter because I was often preoccupied with anxiety and emotional stress. Despite all the efforts and accomplishments I had made, I still found emptiness in my heart and loneliness in my soul. I asked, what is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven?

After my first session with Thomas, many of my anxieties left. I felt a different sense of being; there was a feeling of hope and confidence for the future which I had not felt for so many years. Music resonated within me in such a way that I had never experienced before. I realized that in the past there was no room in me to experience beauty. A new, revitalizing energy flowed throughout my entire body; my heart and mind became awake the moment my body woke up, so it was much easier getting up in the morning. I had a deep experience of God's grace.

Throughout my life I was always trying to do the "right things" while never allowing my real self to be present. I was feeling so burnt out because I did all these "good things" not from the real inner of my heart and therefore they did not return to me as true fulfillment. This frustration often turned into resentment and became a reason to avoid relationships with others. Now I feel so liberated to know that I don't have to become a slave of "good deeds" or a robot of hierarchy in order to be accepted by God. With my true acceptance of who I am, I offer joy to God.

My husband Jim also received sessions from Dr. Pearson. He was so thrilled to finally have an understanding and awareness of his internal struggles. He had shared with me that for many years his feelings were bottled up and had felt intense frustration. Recently I was so excited to see him expressing his feelings with insight and clarity. He started to express love to our daughter Yumi that truly springs out of his heart of joy. I feel I am now allowing my husband to enter into my life and we are beginning to work on a happy and fulfilling marriage. All the changes that have taken place for my husband and I through Restoring the Human Potential are like having a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. I feel that Heaven is made up of people who fully manifest their pure, God-given essence. One cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by merely imitating great people. Each of us needs to remove our own unique distortions which block us from being a true and honest human being. I am deeply grateful for the grace of God shown through this vehicle. Through personal restoration we shall find the freedom and dignity to be who we truly are, to be empowered from within and to lead happy and purposeful lives, with renewed vision and clarity. - Hong-Yu Kovic (Barrytown, New York)

Freed from Drugs

I am deeply grateful for the Restoring Human Potential treatment given by Dr. Thomas. My health had been very poor and I had been taking so many drugs; God healed my body, which was drowning in medications. Thanks to the treatment, I was freed from being a medicine maniac. - Mamie Uchida (Hiroshima, Japan)

A Gulf of Trust: Was Divorce My Only Option?

I asked for Dr. Pearson's guidance regarding my marriage and about the gulf of trust I felt in relationship to my husband. I had already given my husband divorce papers. I felt no hope. I held a divided heart; I felt my husband had betrayed me when he broke a very serious promise. How could I forgive him? I was left with bitter resentment and was not happy. In the quiet of my heart, I tried to develop my heart out of faith, trying to not blame my husband because I wanted to stay a peaceful family. Yet I constantly struggled about how we could be a happy couple when I held so much resentment.

There was a scar in the area of my essence; I sought faith to heal this scar and I was healed. God worked through Dr. Thomas in this process. I found a way and a light to heal the gulf which came into existence in my relationship with my husband. I felt as if I had to give physical birth to my husband - cooperation of the mother's labor and the baby's power working together to come out of the womb. Then I felt the pleasant sense of tiredness from having given birth, as well as being filled with a sense of happiness, thinking about the hope for the future of our marriage and family. - Kuromaru (Fukuoka, Japan)

Tools for Re-creation

How do I become a true person? Where is the starting point? I fully believe that personal restoration and fulfilling inner healing are my 5 percent responsibility. The RHP work has shown me that unity within myself is the solution - there is no Kingdom of Heaven without it. I realized that I was not conscious about my fulfillment as a human being. I am more aware of my intention to find the original point of tranquillity. Can I be like True Parents? Is God dwelling in my temple?

Instead of wanting the world to be better first, I understand that "better" originates in myself first. As brothers and sisters we need tools to re-create ourselves, to revive, to be reborn to our 5 percent responsibility, but we need the help of a mother's heart. I also realized that becoming the incarnation of God leads to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. When I accept myself and am pulled to the original center, then I feel like a magnet of love where God can dwell. - Marlene Kluesener (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Too Young for the Spiritual World

I had been suffering with Bell's palsy on both sides of my face for some time. My hearing became impaired, I had double vision, headaches and ear infections. I was considered a very unusual case and the only diagnosis was a viral infection. I was in and out of the hospitals, given six kinds of antibiotics, sulfa drugs and steroids and ran up $70,000 in medical tests (which my health insurance covered). I was very sick. Nothing the doctors offered helped me. With the steroids I felt even more miserable and began to lose hope for my physical life.

It was at this point of despair that Dr. Thomas Pearson examined me last March and worked with me on a plan to help restore my health by going to the cause of the problem. I was referred to a naturopathic specialist and then enrolled in the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. Thomas explained the plan as to how I would be treated so that I could be empowered to have dominion over my health. There was no way for me to have a session in RHP he said until I had done this. One of the doctors to which Thomas referred me commented that my viral infection was closely related to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Through a couple weeks of treatment, the virus was treated. Another doctor considered my background of frequent, chronic colds. He determined that a blockage in my septum had become a breeding ground for the virus. I had a small operation to straighten my septum. I was also given some injections to place more oxygen in the blood to fight the virus. The viral infection went away. My hearing is now 10,000 percent improved. I have not had a problem since. My Bell's palsy was 95 percent cured. My health is completely restored.

Then I attended the Optimum Health Institute for two weeks. It was an enlightening experience and I recommend it highly. I learned a new lifestyle that includes all raw foods. People at the Optimum Health Institute also were amazed by my wife and I. Some comments we heard were "I'm just amazed at what an incredible couple you are. Seeing you gives us hope in marriage. You are the perfect match!"

When I saw Thomas Pearson this October and thanked him personally for his guidance, I finally was in control of my health and was able to begin the inner nature work as well. Going to the spirit world at age 44 is far too early for me! - Dieter Jesper (Chicago, Illinois)

A Better Insight into Myself

I found my two sessions given by my daughter, June, to be quite an enjoyable personal experience. I can recommend that when the work is approached with an open mind, the experience can be quite positive and worthwhile. The session allowed me to have a better insight into myself - a look at who I am as well as an opportunity to learn more about my inner nature. In my second session the use of flower essences and an essential oil was recommended, all of which I found fascinating and pleasant, a welcome addition to my understanding of the plant kingdom.

I also sat through one session with my son, Carl, who has had four sessions, all given by Dr. Thomas Pearson. I feel that the result of

these sessions is that Carl seems much happier, in a purposeful way, less troubled, and that he is trying harder in his relationships and following through better with his personal and family activities. - Phyllis T. M. Orland, MD (Forest Park, Illinois)

Light at the End of the Tunnel

My spiritual odyssey began nearly 21 years ago and, looking back, I have had difficulty realizing just what substantial restoration has taken place in my life. Beginning the RHP work has allowed me to see where I am on this path and to begin to embody restoration in conscious ways with my family and tribe.

My life of faith has always seemed like a second (spiritual) childhood and adolescence. Now I want to become the restored adult. Thomas's enthusiasm and passion gave me the jump-start I needed to move forward with my own process of restoration. My experience with the RHP work began with the Inner Natures seminar given by Solihin and Alicia Thom. At this seminar I experienced in a concrete way how I allow my mind and body to coexist in a divided state. The realization came that I must actively work to be present with both mind and body integrated in order for God to be present in me. The lessons learned through following the Principle to that time began to finally gel for me at that moment. - Jack Kiburz (Westchester, Illinois)

Greater Than Imagined Ability to Change

The RHP work has allowed profound discoveries of my inner nature and a new sense of my essential inner unity. Through attending the Inner Natures seminar I experienced a greater integration of my intellect, feeling and will (or animal or instinctive nature) and likewise, a greater flow of energy and love appeared in our marriage! In addition, I realized that many of our children's behavioral problems and my corresponding difficulty with discipline was a reflection of my own lack of attention to my inner nature. The skills I have now gained through the inner nature work allow me to be more fully present with our children. I've discovered that I have a greater than imagined ability to change and it is in direct proportion to my desire to change. I feel I've grown closer to God through this work.

Whereas I thought I could never be free of some personal anger - it now has lifted as gently as a dove in flight. I am more in touch with the inherent wholeness of my being and freer to experience and honor the goodness within my brothers and sisters and relatives. As my husband and I study this work and learn to facilitate sessions with our tribe, we grow to new and deeper levels and bonds of heart. - June Orland Kiburz (Westchester, Illinois)


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