Articles From the February 1994 Unification News


The Power of Grandchildren

by Peeter Saarna

I received the Blessing in 1982 at Madison Square Garden to Mieko Yamamoto from Tokyo, Japan. My mother was so very upset at me for being married in the Unification Church that she told me she didn't want to meet my wife. (I found out later that she had cut in half a picture of my wife and me which I had sent, and thrown away my wife's half, putting my half on the bookshelf.)

When my wife became pregnant in 1986 I called my mother to tell her the happy news. She said she did not want to see the baby. I was hurt but I did not give up.

When our first child Christopher was born I called my mother to share the happy news. She said she did not want to see him. This time I was ready to disown my mother but some mysterious power kept me from giving up.

I started sending pictures of Christopher. A few months later I decided to call my mother again. I just about fell out of my chair. She said, "When are you going to come and visit me with your family," as if she had never been negative.

Well, since then we have visited every year and my mother has actually been very helpful to us, sending us substantial amounts of money to help us start a house rental business and lending us money, donating some as well for a down-payment for a new church center here in Kansas. And on it goes. The power of grandchildren!


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