Unification News for September 2005

‘True Beauty’ for World Peace

Date : 2005-08-02

The Mister and Miss University International 2005 beauty pageant was held in the Little Angle’s performing arts center in Seoul at 7 in the evening of the 30th. It started out more impressive than ever with dazzling 3D laser special effects and dance performances. The MMUI was first held in Tokyo, Japan in 1978. Since then it has welcomed its 27th time this year. It is interesting to note that in order to promote world peace, rather than emphasizing external beauty, MMUI focuses on the internal qualities of the human being such as academics, service, attitude and mind-set, leadership, character, sincerity, and purity.

A total of 16 countries participated in this year’s event: America, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Hungary, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand, and Tianjin China. There was a male and female contestant from each nation. 8 judges evaluated performances including a talent show, formal wear parade, and on-the-spot open interview to select the awardees.

This year’s awards went to Mister Seong Jin Lee of Korea and Miss Nataliya Savelieva of Russia. And the first runner-ups were Mister Shin Nan Goto of America and Miss Chanikarn Kessung of Thailand. The people that are selected to be Mister and Miss University International will participate in various service activities as campus ambassadors for peace in order to promote world peace. If in any case they are not able to perform this task, the first runner-ups will take their places.

Rami Alrawashdeh, a marathon athlete who is planning to run in tomorrow’s event commented, "It was very good. This is my first time watching MMUI. We don’t have this in Jordan," showing his enthusiasm and interest.

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