Unification News for September 2005

Antelope valley celebration of Parents Day followed by the CIG holy wine ceremony.

This year I organized two events in two different county in order to celebrate the Parents' Day. Why ? Because I knew many Christian leaders and civic leaders as well as the Moslem and Jewish leaders in the both county that I knew God wanted to reach out to . And I knew that there is no other family member living close by them who would go and visit them and bring true parents blessing to them.

In Southern California all the church outreach has been concentrated in the central Los Angles and Orange county. Thus the North East end of the Los Angels County which is called Antelope valley has been ignored and neglected.

I moved to the area two years ago . However, I live two and half hours away ( round trip)from the other main cities in the Antelope valley . But I did not allow far distance drive and expensive gas prices stop me from doing what God had asked me to do.

It was my prayer to bring true parents blessing to this far end of the Los Angeles county.

Well God answered my prayer. Soon True Parents decided to visit Los angles . The spiritual world was already mobilized to help me based on true parents prayer. I had to physically accomplish what True parents expect of me. I had to bless four thousand people with the GIK holy candy in my area. So I got busy and started to visit churches and give out Holy candy to pastors and their congregations . Sometimes I was asked to give a short talk to prepare people to receive the holy candy. I also went door to door shop to shop or even the schools. Until I accomplished that task. Based on that small spiritual foundation I could move forward.

Why that was a small condition? ..because There are 100's of thousands of people living in the antelope valley and kern county and only four thousands received the holy candy. There were no other family members living in this area. There were no other family members who would go around the area and bless the people except me and my efforts were not enough for that vast area. But God can still use this small work and multiply it.

Mother Teresa once said: we can do no GREAT work. Only we can do small works with GREAT LOVE.

I started to prepare for Parents' Day celebration in two different cities in two different county six months in advance. To start with I needed two Big banquet hall in two different city and it must be free of charge.. I did not even had the liability insurance money for the potential three hundred people invited to NPD celebration. Either I was able to put any deposit down. I had to rent an office space to held meetings and make phone calls and send invitation letters and faxes for the event in Lancaster. I could use my own home office for the NPD event in my own city in kern county. But it was not close enough to organize an event in Lancaster/Palmdale area.

I needed a new computer and printer and ink cartridge . I needed a copier and long distance phone service and as it comes closer to the event I had to think about celebration cake, flowers, refreshments, decoration items, registration forms , office supplies, table cloths and plastic cups and plates and balloons and gifts to give away.

Who is going to pay for all these? I had absolutely had no financial support either moral support from my unification church . I was relying on God and true parents to provide for His project. I only can work hard and expect miracles. Besides, I had organized and financed Parents Day events for the past nine years and I knew God will show up ..but when and at what period in the project is He going to show up, I did not know!. I walk by faith and not by sight.

Soon God opened the door one after the other.The City of California city had hosted our program mayor Larry Adams accepted to be the honorary chairman for the NPD 2005. Thus we could use the city facilities including the sport center free of charge. They did not even asked me to put deposit for the liability insurance.

Mayor Frank Roberts from the city of Lancaster volunteered his time to be the honorary chairman for NPD 2005. We could use his name in our flyers and benefit from his good popularity. But that could not take care of 10.000 dollars liability fee for the use of the city facilities. Again mayor Roberts stepped in and lead me to receive the support of the private organizations. Based on Mayors' recommendation I was able to secure a big hall in the Elks lodge .. though it was exclusively for its members . But they made an exception for us letting us use their facilities free of charge. That was a miracle. .

Then soon another door was opened. One of my Christian contacts, Patricia St. Pierre, a very well off lady of good family fortune, volunteered to attend some of the meetings with me. She was very impressed by my presentations at one of the local ministerial alliances prayer breakfast meetings. One day she handed me a key to her home office and told me .please feel free to come anytime and use my office and even if it is too late for you to drive back home, just stay in my guest room . I was almost jumped out of joy. It was a miracle..how she could trust me just knowing me for a few months.

I think about it for weeks and cannot figure it out. But I knew that Lord put it in her heart. That was truly a Miracle.without her house as a base for my NPD activities It was impossible for me to accomplish any thing. It was truly a miracle.

Everything was coming together little by little. I knew God is behind all these things. So I was working hard. Everyday I worked the whole day in the office and in the afternoon I would go door to door fundraising. I often asked for donations and people were supportive. When I received donations , I felt God and the sprit world is supporting me.

In the month of June , church had many projects going on. Pasadena h.q. were sending letters asking for financial support. I felt obligated to support them too. I was already burdened by my NPD events . But I had to support church projects as well. .

I had three /four projects going on at the same time and no time to fundraise. I started to spend from my emergency savings.. I had my own household bills that needed to be paid off. I had to sacrifice my personal life and personal bills in order to take care of the public projects first.

Then I prayed asking God to show up and provide for me and take care of all the expenses or I will go hungry..

Then God showed up again and answered my prayer..It was in that time that I often were visited by pastors who just stopped by my house to hand me money or a check.

It happened many times that a pastors' wife would come to my house and hand me money or bring me a bag full of good quality groceries. I asked them why? Why are you giving me money. They would tell me Lord asked me to. They said: " God put it in my heart" One time a pastors' wife stopped by my house and handed me a fifty dollar and said, I was coming back from my church and Lord told me to make a u-turn at your house and give you what I have in my purse!

Three weeks before the Parents Day events , one lady minister stopped by my house and handed me a four hundred dollars check. She told me Lord asked me to give this money to you. I jumped out of Joy.It was a miracle. Money out of heaven landed on my door. I felt God was watching me all this time and he knows what I need.

There has been one miracle after the other. A banner was donated to us by a sign maker who lives on the mountain of Tehachapi. He even drove all the way down to my house to drop off the banner at my home office. Imagine that.

The media were very supportive as well. They aired three interview with me three times right before the parents day event to raise public awareness and solicit ate their support. On July 17 the Channel three Local TV. station on its evening news aired the parents day event and it was on the radio news the same evening as well.

First Annual Parents/ Students/teachers/ model business of the year Award Ceremony in Antelope valley Day program started by presentation of the National Anthem by Mrs. Donna Swiekew, Golden Hill band , a happily married young grandma of deeply Christian faith. The pledge of allegiance was recited by Pastor Clarence Belton. , one of Ambassador's for peace candidate. It proceeds by the invocation by the Pastor Kathryn Efford, senior pastor of the Christian community church. The key note speaker was the prominent speaker and author Rev. Sandra Querin, the founder of the Abba's ministry from the four Square church in Fresno , California.

We had the representatives of the Congressional offices of the Los Angeles county board of supervisor , districts 5 th and the assembly women Sharon Runner and the congressman George Runner. The congratulatory address from the office of the state of California honorable Governor Arnold Schwenrnegger, was read by the vice mayor of the city of the Lancaster, bishop Henry Hearns. Bishop Henry hearns is also the founder of the Baptist church and the university campus in the city of little rock , la county.

There were the representative couples from the Jewish faith, Islamic faith , Bahaii faith present. there were over ten different churches had send their minister of pastors in support of the Parents Day.

The certificates for the honoraries were prepared by the office of the Mayor Frank Roberts and had signed by him personally . mayor Roberts was the honorary chairman of the NPD in antelope valley.

The program conclude by the cutting of cake and All the audience were asked to recite the pure love pledge in their heart and take the cup of the GIK holy wine. every body drank the cup even Mr. Norm Heckling, representative office of the Los Angeles board of supervisor. The program was a total victory for God and True Parents

I would like to thank kimyo Anceney , Helgi & Joanne Hardson and the Nasser & Ulli Zomorodian for helping with the GIK Holy Wine Ceremony.

On July 24 , National Parents' Day was celebrated in the kern County . Mayor Larry Adams presented the opening remarks and His office prepared the certificates for the honoraries. President Shane Hubble from the latter day saints church was the key note speaker. The program concluded by the reciting of the pure love pledge and the GIk holy wine ceremony.

The two events in the antelope valley was a big victory for God , True parents and lord Jesus.

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