Unification News for September 2005

Pennsylvania Family Camp 2005

By Rob & Sally Sayre
July 25 - August 11, 2005

Over 120 families attended the three sessions of the 11th year of Family Camp. This was the largest and most ambitious undertaking yet. Three new initiatives were introduced this year: stand-alone management teams for each week, senior second-generation staff, and a new educational track, Introduction to the Blessing, Marriage and Family Life.

The management teams were responsible for every aspect of their week of camp. The positions were: Camp Director, Education Director, On-Site Registrar, Food Services Director and General Affairs Director. These key positions recruited and formed each workshop and workshop group, formed and managed each work group in camp, and oversaw the various activities offered and organized during camp. Bringing together a diverse group of people, some of whom had not worked closely together before, to orchestrate Family Camp was not an easy task. The unity developed and teamwork exhibited were truly amazing and a strong testimony to our children of what unity and teamwork are really all about.

We specifically recruited second generation to work in key positions this year, including Education Director, Assistant Camp Director and key workshop positions. These kids performed magnificently! Many stayed two week,s and a few stayed for three. They provided continuity between weeks, built the spirit and provided the core leadership for all the workshops. We predict that within two years, at least one week of camp will be run by the second generation.

Finally, we introduced a new educational track, centered on preparing for the Blessing. Not an official Blessing Workshop, but a stepping-stone toward the commitment to the matching and Blessing, this turned out to be a resounding success. Our hats are off to Henri Schauffler, Gerry Servito and Alan Saunders, who developed the curriculum and inspired young and old alike with their lectures.

We also had three generations of blessed families attending for the first time, which was an inspiration to all. It won't be too long before three generations at camp will be the norm! This truly is kindgom- building work!

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