Unification News for September 2005

WCSP Press Conference

The IPSF international media team held a press conference about the ongoing IPSF at the SunMoon University international conference room on the 25 at 5 pm. Those that were present were Dr. Kyung June Lee, chairwoman of IPSF and also president of Sunmoon University; Rev. John Gehring, International Director of IPSF; Thomas G. Walsh, Secretary General of the Interreligious and International Federation for Wolrd Peace(IIFWP).

Here are some of the questions and answers that were given.

Q1. I think that IPSF is an event exclusive to participants. Is there a way that we can work together with the local region for growth? A1. IPSF will be held in Cheonan and Asan. Important VIP's from Asan participated in the opening ceremony and we also held a IPSF 2005 explanation fair inviting the delegation of a region on June 6. There are friendship and culture events to promote exchange among youth of the different religions, races, and nations. The Asan City Coir sang for the opening ceremony and the Global Family Festival will be held where the local residents are welcome to participate.

Q2. Why are the teams divided according to religion? A2. People all have different values. If this value is placed on the country, it is exclusive only to that country. However, the value of a religion goes beyond national borders. This is because one religion may be spread out through out several countries or continents. Religion allows us to find our own identity.

Q3. IPSF is an event with a good theme. Why is it only held in Korea? A3. IPSF has a good relationship with Sunmoon University. Until now, IPSF existed only conceptually but it was realized and came to grow in Korea. And the Middle East believes that this event is needed there. I believe that this will be held in other countries too.

Q4. Why can't we see any Korean representatives? Did you not contact the Minister of Cultural Affairs or the Minister of Foreign Affairs? A4. IPSF is an event belonging to the sports department of WCSF. The representatives of each religion in Korea will be taking part in the largest and most important event WCSF. The Minister of Cultural Affairs could not be present because IPSF is a small-scale event hosted by a private University. Therefore the Mister is planning to participate only at the general opening ceremony.

Some reporters that were at the press conference include reporter Hanpil Jeon, the Cheonan reporter from Joongang Ilbo; reporter Lee Jongil from Daejeon Ilbo; and reporter Lee Bong from Chungcheong Today. The religious leaders and reporters were greatly interested in IPSF and asked many questions. It appears that IPSF will improve yet through these press conferences.

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