Unification News for September 2005

IPSF Finals

The last day of IPSF competitions, July 31, excitement prevailed in the air. It was excitement for those who won and anxiety for those who lost. But the spirit of IPSF dominated the scenario.

Yi-Ming-Wu, confucianist from Taiwan won men's singles title in Tennis as Lee-Sille_Park, Unificationist from ROK won the title in women's single.

In Track & Field, Metka, Christian from Solvenia finished first in 100M (Women). In 200M (Men), Yong-U, Unificationist from Korea finished first as Wei-Chen and Ching-Chun, both Confucianists from Taiwan settled for second and third positions,

In 800M (Men), gold went to Niranjan, Christian from Srilanka as Silver was taken by Sevgun, Hindu from India. Third position was grabbed by Dinesh Chamara, a Buddhist from Srilanka. 800M (Women) had Buddhists from Srilanka take first and the third position while Hindu from India took the second.

In 1500M (Men), Hyoung-Gu, Unificationist from Korea closed at 4'03"46, Sergei, Christian from Russia finished second and Sevugan, Hindu from India closed in third.

5000M (Men) had Sergie, Christian of Russia go for gold, Kassa of Judaism, Israel went for silver, while Jung Shu, of Confucianism, Japan got bronze.

In Shot Put (Men), In-Seong, Unificationist from Korea came first, as Ebenazer, Hindu,from India stood second and Sergei, Christian from Russia came third.

Today was also the day for the participants to spend time with physically challenged children. They got to spend about five hours with them.

As the evening closed, the participants witnessed an enchanting cultural programme. Participants also lit candles later. Hundreds of candles were lit, a sight not easily forgetable.

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