Unification News for September 2005

WCSF Opens with Color and Fanfare

At the Cheonan Sports Complex the participants of the IPSF together with the International IIFWP Assembly, Korean War Veterans and local supporters gathered together to celebrate the opening of the World Cultural and Sports Festival 2005 on July 29th. The athletes of the IPSF entered the stadium carrying the flags representing their countries followed by the remainder of the participants.

The IPSF opening ceremony took place at the gymnasium of SunMoon University, Asan campus. 100 foreign athletes and over 200 Korean athletes participated. VIP’s such as Dr. Kyung June Lee, president of SunMoon University, the mayor of Asan city, and congressmen from Asan city were present.

The event began with congratulatory performances, welcoming greetings, and main speeches with Mr. Bernard Chellew and Mr. In teck Suh, assistant director of international affairs as M.C. Dr. Kyung June Lee who is the chairwoman of IPSF stated, "This event is not just a sports event, but it is for creating new ties with and understanding the religions of different countires." Ms. Hueebok Kang, mayor of Asan city said in her welcoming remarks, "After all the events are finished, I wish for all the athletes to have long lasting fond memories of SunMoon University and Asan city." Rev. John Gehring said, "If you want to jump higher and become better, I want for us to do this through training and challenging ourselves."

Srilanka performed sports dance and Malaysia showed a display of dance for the opening ceremony. And the atmosphere was elevated through songs by the Asan City Coir and Colors of Love. The IPSF opening ceremony was concluded by the song from Colors of Love. Fong Soo Seng (Malaysia) commented, "It was fun to be able to see cultures of each country. I was especially impressed by the sports dance."

The audience was entertained with a spectacular flag dance as well as a synchronized umbrella dance. The grand finale beautifully symbolized the unity of the world in colorful harmony and excitement.

In the evening the IPSF participants gathered together with the local people of Cheonan to celebrate the Global Family Festival. Hundreds of people enjoyed the foods and folk art of the world’s cultures and were entertained as they share together in the spirit of one world family.

One of the most unique aspects of the program was when the community gathered around the gigantic bowl of Bibimbop ingredients and had the honor of mixing the evening’s meal. It was truly an inter-cultural experience.

This program was sponsored jointly by IPSF and Service for Peace.

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