Unification News for September 2005

WCSF Global Family Festival

The Global Family Festival which is a part of the program to invite local citizens for IPSF 2005. This event, held July 30, that was held with foreigners was organized by the Service for Peace Global Family Center and the Global Family Festival Committee. The Global Family Festival was held on the 29th on the outdoor field of the Cheonan Sports Complex.

The International Service Camp is being held from the 23rd to the 31st. Here, Foreigners and Koreans are going to make one-to-one brotherhood and sisterhood ties with each other transcending race, nation, and culture, and participate in a range of service activities. The other day on the 24th, over 40 students from local schools including Cheonan High School and Buk-il Girl’s High School, and around 10 foreign students studying at the Korean Language Institute at Sunmoon University came together to enjoy rafting as a service activity for 50 children that came from orphanage centers such as Puranna, Aeyook-won, and Samil Yooga-won.

The organizer of this event, Mr. Taekyeong Kim, executive director of the Global Family Center explained, "The International Peace Service Camp became a good chance to provide the children in these institutes with cultural experiences which they had been direly lacking and moreover, it became an opportunity for them to meet and make friends with foreigners."

Service activities that are conducted with foreigners during IPSF 2005 include the Nogulli service project on the 28th and the facilities service on the 31st. During the service projects, 80 foreigners who have participated in IPSF 2005 will visit the ‘House of Love’ (a name coined in Korean for an orphanage facility) and provide services such as making one-to-one brotherhood and sisterhood ties, do the laundry, paint, bathe, and spend quality time with the children.

The Global Family Culture Festival was held on the outdoor field at the Cheonan Sports Complex at 4 p.m. on the 29th. There was a diverse program planned for this event including lunchbox, bibimbab, a display of the traditional pungmul performance, culture performances, and a bazaar. The field was transformed into a fair where people had the chance to directly experience the foods, clothing, and traditional styles of play from different countries all in one place. There was even a part during the Global Family Festival called the lunchbox event where 1,500 people made Jeonju bibimbab in one huge bowl and eat together in the meaning of promoting one global family. The entrance fee was 5,000won per single visitor and 10,000won for a family of 4. The profits made during this event will all directly go through the Sri Lanka embassy to the SFP Children’s Center that is providing tsunami aid to the children there.

Ms. Hwamyeong Kang, manager of PR for the Global Family Festival 2005 committee, comments, "There were many culture events until now but I believe this is the first time that foreigners and Koreans where able to come together regardless of nationality, race, language, or religion and do service activities for the socially shunned people around us and celebrate in harmony." He also stated, "I think that the Global Family Festival is a place of camaraderie and harmony that can bring about peace for humanity. When people sweat doing service activities for others, when foreigners meet each other and understand each other sharing love, I believe that true peace can be attained."

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